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Court-Martial Of Billy Mitchell

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Just watched CM of BM. Looked up IMDB for specs. Noticed that Rod Steiger and Ralph Ballemy were out on the edge even though this was LBX.

IMDB says 2:55 ratio. This was clearly not a good print or something stretched. All found DVD releases including E-Bay have 1:33 ratio. Also noticed the bleached color. Wasn't this "technicolor"? I've an insert of the Court Martial and vivid color. Comment?

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I usually don't bother myself about the "ratio" of the films being presented, but the faded color of this movie did bother me a bit. But it's one I hadn't seen so I was glad to watch it. Was a pretty good courtroom drama and kind of appropriate for today's military.

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My reference says that the film was shot in Warnercolor and CinemaScope[2:35 to 1]. I also noted the faded color.

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If you look closely at one of the Amazon.Com "Spotlight

Reviews" of the DVD by Reviewer: Mark Savary "moon_city"

(Seattle, WA), you see this notation included:


The packaging of the DVD says that the film is in standard (or pan n' scan) format, but the disc is actually (and thankfully), in widescreen. The widescreen framing is not perfect, but close enough for satisfaction. The color is a bit "washed out", and the sets are clearly painted in a color scheme meant for black and white film. This combination makes the colors a bit garish at times, but for the age of the film, it looks pretty good overall barring a full-on restoration.



Also, I purchased a true widescreen film-transfer

print onto VHS of it from eBay seller opie2001 (ficus5000@yahoo.com) for $17.50 back on 20-Oct-2003.


His reply to a question of mine was this:


It's not sourced from tv, so there are no logos or commercials.

It's from a studio master print -- color is a bit faded.

recording quality itself is excellent.

includes the widescreen trailer.



Lastly, it's terribly difficult to distinguish between

(2.55:1) and (2.35:1) on a TV screen; all of the 2.55:1

CinemaScope films were done between 1953 and 1956, the

last one being "Raintree County" (1956). So it is likely

true that "The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell", being

done in 1955, was in the (2.55:1) type of CinemaScope.


Maybe the comment that the DVD review mentioned when he

wrote the verbiage the "widescreen framing is not perfect"

is referring to a squashing off of some of the 2.55:1 ?


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