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popular actors who are not your favorites


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I always thought Gary Cooper sounded like he was reading his lines.

He never seemed to project very much emotion.

The one movie I really liked was High Noon.

And when I read about his womanizing I respected him even less.

No one can be perfect, so I can't say I disliked him, he was not a favorite.

I'm not a big Gable fan either.

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This sounds similiar to the recent "overrated" thread, but on a personal note, who "you" think is overrated. I can start with Marlon Brando, I don't dislike him but I can't see what the big fuss is all about. Same for Marilyn Monroe , wonderful to look at but so many other gals are more attractive to me and most were better actresses.

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I personally never cared for:


Adolph Menjou

Pat O'Brien

Dirk Bogard

George Sanders

Marlene Deitrich(I said that before...)

Fatty Arbuckle

Charlie Chase

Ben Turpin

Brian Ahern

Randolph Scott( yeah, I said it!)


More contemporary:

Jim Carrey

Will Ferrill

Chris Tucker

Rob Schneider

Angelina Jolie

Adam Sandler

Bill Paxton

Jack Black( except for his part in "King Kong")

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner (can't say it enough!)

Martin Lawrence

George Peppard(sic)

Alec Baldwin


And this is the SHORT list!


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Well, maybe it was that whole, "Strong Silent Type" thing goin' on there, Eugenia?! You know, that whole thing many women say they like about a guy, and THEN later start wonderin' why the guy will never "open up about his feelings" after they're in a relationship with a guy like that! C'mon, YOU know what I'm talkin' about here, right?! The "Men of Few Words Type".


(...btw, and just for the record here, my wife says she's never had to worry about any o' that with me, 'cause I've always been willing to express my "feelings"..okay..my "opinions" to her, anyway!) ;)



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I have to say that I made an effort to watch a handful of Cooper's movies, in hopes that my opinion might change about him, but I still don't think he had much range as an actor.


From what I understand, Cooper's appeal to women didn't have to do with his being the "strong, silent type". ;)


However, I repeat myself - Yeck!

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Yeah, I've heard that about Coop.


Saaaay....maybe THAT explains why I always thought Patricia Neal seemed like she walked a bit bowlegged in *The Fountainhead* ?!!!!!


(...did I REALLY just say that?!...sorry folks!)

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> {quote:title=joefilmone wrote:}{quote}Except for "Gilda" I really don't understand why Glenn Ford was a star

Ford grew on me, but I won't lie, there was a time when I thought "Gee, why couldn't they just ask Dick Powell if he was interested?" whenever I would see some of Ford's mystery/noir entries.

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Brando - too surly and then too grotesque

Dustin Hoffman - too small

Spencer Tracy - too pigheaded

Peck - too wooden

the entire Fonda family - too much

Dietrich - too creepy

Monroe - too overrated

Hope/Crosby/Skelton/Rooney - too wholesome and formulaic

Keaton - too long a career

Welles - too full of himself

Liz Taylor - see Brando, minus the surly part


That's only 16 actors, compared to the many hundreds of actors I like or love. And except for that Hope quartet, even my un-favorites made at least one or two movies I'd watch again.

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Andy, I agree with you about Brando and Crosby. I'm also not fond of Loretta Young: too untalented. And yes, I mean in the pre-codes as well.


Btw, although I don't agree with you about the greatness of Barbara Stanwyck -- whom I like -- I was pleased to see the great Judy Davis on your list of likes in another thread. I think she's a remarkable actress, particularly in that most challenging and subtle of roles, Adela in A Passage to India.





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I only wish that Judy Davis had more of her films available. From ingenues to hookers to the mother of Stalin's love child to sharp-tongued divorcees to Adela to Judy Garland, I've yet to see her in any movie she didn't make worth watching all by herself. Just a fabulous performer from A to Z.


As for Loretta Young, it's more her face and the subject matter of her pre-code films that draws me to her. I'm not confusing her acting talent or screen persona with Stanwyck or Lombard, or any one of several dozen others among her contemporaries, but AFAIC only Louise Brooks can match that pre-code look of hers, and in this case, that's enough for me.

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I saw Judy Davis on stage in Insignificance, playing a character modeled on Marilyn Monroe. Haven't seen the film version. Davis was recently on PBS in the BBC production of Page Eight, in which she excelled.


Btw, I love Dietrich. I don't think you can evaluate an actress whose best work is with a surrealist director (Von Sternberg) based on traditional acting norms.

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I don't know if this exactly fits the discussion, but I'll write it anyway. I think one problem with asking a question like this is that opinions vary greatly. Also different people act differently. I know people who could be considered melodramatic, but it's simply their nature. I recently watched "Bicycle Thieves". I had always assumed that people exaggerated how much Italians talked with their hands, but seeing this film shot on the streets of Rome suggested to me that it is not completely a stereotype. I'm not saying there aren't bad actors, there certainly are. But, I think that perhaps part of the reason we think an actor is bad or he isn't our favorite is because we don't know or can't imagine anyone like that. Some actor may seem 'wooden', but people in real life could be seen as wooden. For example I have never seen my dad cry. That doesn't means he's 'wooden', it's just how he is.

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Dietrich made my list because her whole persona is just creepy, and for an actress who kept getting cast in glamour roles, she had about as much sex appeal as Mae West.


That said, as an *actress* she's pretty damn good. Just finished watching Witness For The Prosecution a few minutes ago for about the 5th time, and she was absolutely terrific, as she also was in The Blue Angel, A Foreign Affair, and Stage Fright . In my mind she's like the mirror image of Loretta Young, a drop-dead gorgeous actress whose chief virtue was her looks, not her acting. Marlene's kind of like the Atlantic ocean in New Jersey on a hot day in early July: It takes a minute to get used to the frigid temperature, but once you do, you can appreciate the bracing qualities.


But she's still creepy.

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