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"That's Entertainment III"

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I just finished watching this wonderful movie and in it they showed several musical numbers that, for some reason, were deleted from the final cut. I could not help but wish that someone would make a movie made up entirely of musical numbers such as these. There must be many,many such scenes that we have never been able to see. I know this will never happen, but one can dream.



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I haven't seen it, but I understand there's a fourth disc included in the boxed set which includes more of that kind of thing. You're right, it's amazing seeing fully restored, previously unseen musical numbers like that. I'm sure there's a lot in the hands of private collectors, but I wonder what the quality of it would be. Years ago I had a VHS that had grainy, unedited footage of Judy in "Annie Get Your Gun", but seeing those numbers fully restored and edited for the DVD release was a true gift. I wonder if it's the kind of project TCM would ever approach, since they've done some rather remarkable special programming from time to time.

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Thanks for your response, Dougie. It's good to know that there's someone else who shares my feelings. I suspect that there are many more such musical numbers than I'm aware of. There seem to be lots of musical stars who worked very hard rehearsing these musical segments, only to find out that the entire number was cut from the final film. Debbie Reynolds ("I Love Melvin"), Vera-Ellen ("Belle of New York") and Cyd Charisse ("It's Always Fair Weather") are three that come to mind. Oh well! That's Hollywood.



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hello everyone; well i'm new here to the TCM boards and there's so much to read. feels good to be amongst classic movie lovers like myself.


with regard to deleted musical numbers: yes, there were many that were recorded and unused. Usually the studio recorded the audio portions first and then filmed the movie sequences. THis is because it is tiring for the actors to sing and dance simultaneously especially when they had to (very often) do several takes of the same number. I too, in the late 70s, had a black and white print of Judy Garland singing "doin' what comes naturally" and "i'm an indian too". They were uncut and unedited versions of the two songs that MGM filmed with Judy Garland. The entire score was recorded and is now available on cd.


After 'That's Entertainment II' (1976) came out, we started hearing rumors that part III was coming and was going to be comprised completely of MGM musical numbers that were left on the cutting room floor. As you know, we waited almost 20 years for part III. I was lucky enough to see it at the Ziegfeld THeater in Manhattan as it only played for a few weeks.


There was also a fire at the MGM vaults (1967?) which destroyed many films and lots of archival footage. really a shame.


However, part III was not disappointing; it was nice to see the opening number of the ANNIE GET YOUR GUN footage properly edited and color-corrected and to see BARKLEYS of BROADWAY without the opening titles which always ruined that dance number.


things I'd like to see (but don't have my hopes up): Astaire and Rogers were photographed in color during the production of CAREFREE. the "I Used to Be Coloblind" dance sequence was shot in color (tested anyway) but they decided not to go that route. How nice that would have been especially during the slow-motion sequence.


well, its nice to be here!

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