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Need Help! A little girl dressed as an angel with red shoes


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Okay, I've got a real doozy for you guys here. I have never seen this film, but my mom has been talking about it for years. She's seen it on TV twice, once in the 70s and I think once in the 80s. It's a black & white movie, probably from the 40s, but could be earlier or later. Yeah, I know, super specific, right? Here's as much as I know about the movie from what she's told me:


A young man and woman work at a newspaper for an older gentleman. They don't get along at all. Somehow, they end up with a baby (most likely, someone dropped it off on the doorstep). They want to raise the baby, but they are told they have to get married. So, they do. Presumably they fall in love at some point, probably after they start raising the baby together. Time goes by, the baby grows into a little girl. The girl wears red shoes (it's black and white, but apparently they say something about the shoes being red). She is in a play (school, maybe church) as an angel. She gets sick (walking home from the play, I think, maybe pneumonia) and eventually dies. The couple breaks up because they can't bear the pain of losing the child.


That's all I know. Mind you, she's only seen it twice a few decades ago, and I only know what she's told me, so the details here are very liquid. She has been trying to figure out the title for as long as I've been alive, at least. If anyone has any clues or ideas, I'd be very grateful. My ultimate goal is to find as much info about and, ideally, a copy of the film to give to her as a gift. My whole family will love you forever.


Other tidbits that could help:


* My mom thought the title was "The Angel in the Red Shoes". My dad thought it was "The Littlest Angel". It's probably neither of those.

* My mom also used to think that the old man who ran/owned the newspaper was Henry Travers (who played Clarence in It's A Wonderful Life), but that's almost certainly not true. She was probably just mashing her favorite movie into this one.

* She has a vivid image in her mind of the little girl dressed as an angel. The red shoes are also apparently featured very prominently.

So, you now know everything I do about this film. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but I think I've covered the extent of my knowledge. I could try to get specific info from my mother, but I would like it to be a surprise if I ever find it.


Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Wow, there certainly are a lot of similarities! It's possible that could be the movie, and my mother has just filled in some false details where the gaps are. I'll definitely be looking into that one. Thanks!!! I'll let you know if it turns out to be the winner. :)


If anyone has other ideas, I'd still love to hear them.

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