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World's Oldest Profession in movies

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> {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}Hey, just for a change...what about Jon Voight in *Midnight Cowboy* ? Or is that only an echo in my mind?

Yes! He services men and women equally!


Mr. O'Daniel: "I'll run you ragged, boy! We'll have a good time!"


Buck (twirling his hat in the air): "Yeeee-HAAA!"



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Helen Craig played a village prostitute in a deleted scene from KEYS OF THE KINGDOM. Priest Gregory Peck is on long walking pilgrimage and he is nursed by the woman in black. The print of the deleted scene belonged to Craig's widower John Beal. Fox had no interest in putting it on the video release as an extra (as they had done with similar deleted scenes from ON THE AVENUE, ROSE OF WASHINGTON SQUARE and others).

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Hmmm...so you're not seein' the picture of Claire Trevor as Dallas in *Stagecoach*, eh?! That's interesting, 'cause a still of her and John Wayne from that movie are comin' in clear as a bell on my screen in this thread.


I just did what I always do around here...right-clicked and got the "view image info" which I copied and then added the requisite exclamation points at the beginning and end of that, and then posted it.


Hmmm...I wonder why you can't see it?

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Yep, that's the one I posted alright, though mine is a little bit bigger.


Well anyway...yep, Claire Trevor as Dallas. Now there's ya a "tainted lady" that ya just gotta root for, 'cause she's the most honest and forthright of all the passengers inside that there stagecoach, ya know!


(...and Claire played her perfectly!)

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Here, here! Dargo!


Claire also plays her without an apology. You root for Dallas almost immediately.


Compare that with her earlier portrayal in Dead End, as Humphrey Bogart's former girlfriend, now pathetically hopeless syphilitic ****. She's fallen so low she seems she needs to aspire to level of prostitute. She sold that role too. She's solid.

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People here keep mentioning THIEVES' HIGHWAY, but not Valentina Cortese, sensational in this film as the hooker with a heart of gold. Marilyn Monroe had a bit as a prostitute in her segment of the omnibus film O'HENRY'S FULL HOUSE. And Jane Russell was a 'Dance Hall Hostess" servicing the servicemen in Oahu during WW2 in 'THE REVOLT OF MAMIE STOVER"


Edited by: Arturo on Jan 5, 2012 1:14 AM

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>Sepiatone wrote:

>And in many ways, isn't film making sort of like that profession as well?

Nah, but I do see many similarities with sales.


You offer a service; if they like it, they pay for it. You have regular customers. There is protocol in the selling and exchange of services for money. If you are selling, you urge the customer to buy-Up to a more exclusive, better service. It's all very direct.

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