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A Complaint ! What a way to start the New Year!


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Hi misswonderly,


I admit to having enjoyed THIS tv on the New Year weekend far more than TCM. THIS stuck to the traditional, tried and proven "holy trinity" for ushering the New Year with the *Marx Bros., Mae West and WC Fields!* (They even repeated the Marx films!) Their collective film "cannon" encompasses a choice of over 25 films. It's better to usher in the New Year with comedy! It's great to preserve the memory of these films and stars by airing them.


My understanding of the Mayan calendar is that it tells of a convergence of long term time cycles come 2012. Our civilisation only counts one 365 day year at a time; unlike the Mayans, we have no concept whatsoever of time proceeding in 5,000 and 26,000 year cycles. Upon what they were basing these unique insights, nobody knows.


The living Maya have known about 2012 for a long time. From what I've heard, they aren't saying the world is going to end, but that it will experience a great change due to war and natural catastrophe. We won't all be gone, but I'm reminded of what *Greta Garbo* said in *Ninotchka(1939)* when asked about the "show trials" back in Moscow: "There are fewer, but better Russians!". What a sweetheart.


People have always yearned for this world to end. Throughout 2,000 years of Christianity, the Book Of Revelation has received more attention and sensationalism than any other book in the Bible. (Someone no less than Sir Isaac Newton had devoted years to unlocking Bible time code and deducing an entime prediction date.)


People get frustrated with their lives and the state of the world and seem to want to be put out of their misery by divine or cosmic intervention. Prophets that have predicted the end of the world have always attracted a following in every generation. The history of film shows a great many features that play on this angst, of a world and civilisation destroyed with only a few survivors. They've enjoyed a certain box office appeal depending on the level of mass anxiety.

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The only reason I couldn't bring myself to have a total **** moment at the schedule was because they aired D.O.A. - the film that introduced me to film noir. I made sure to DVR it to watch when I got in from my NYE festivities. I could watch this movie a million times. O'Brien should be added onto the list of stars who should be SOTM. Anyway, I like the other idea echoed about films with NYE themes or scenes in them.

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I've been to Campeche and to Yucatan many times, and I've talked to many Mayans. They didn't say anything about this 2012 nonsense. They stopped using stone calendars more than 300 years ago, when the Spanish brought them paper calendars. Now they use the same calendars we do, the kind with pretty pictures.

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Ok, this topic has pretty much run its course. Good thing, too, I have no desire to ponder the end of the world. I still do not understand why so many people seem to take delight in contemplating their own destruction- masochists !

Like those links you supplied, hamradio. Who wants a calendar "predicting" doomsday events? How come we don't all want to live, and to think optimistically about the future? Yes, the world is a huge mess, there are multiple problems that threaten not only a culture or a nation, but the entire planet.

But - all joking aside - let's have faith that we'll figure it all out, and that our lives and our planet will continue, perhaps even someday for the better.


The only "end of the world" talk I'll tolerate is REM's signature tune, "It's the End of the World ( as we know it !) " Here 'tis:





(ps - this wasn't on purpose, but I just happened to notice that the location for this particular performance of the song is right in the middle of my hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.)

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D.O.A. is a curious film to start the new year. A guy who is going

to die very soon and can do nothing about it. Hopeful message.

I watched it again anyway. The plot isn't quite as convoluted as

The Big Sleep, but it's close enough. It does get a little clearer

when you've seen it a few times. The Paula and Frank love story is

one of the sweetest in noir. The poor schlub doesn't realize what he

has until it's too late. Awwww. And I always get a kick out of the

"wolf whistle" sound effect that pops up when Frank first arrives at

the hotel and gets an eyeful of some of the merchandise babes.




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*D.O.A*. is one of my favourite noirs, which is saying something, because as some may know, noir is pretty much my favourite film genre ( let's not get into the old "but is it really a genre?" debate here.)


I believe, Otis baby, as some here have pointed out, that *D.O.A.* was selected because it fit with the "time is running out" theme, which it surely was for poor old Edmund O'Brien.



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I do understand that D.O.A. fits the 'time is running out' theme to a tee,

but it is kind of a strange way to start 2012. Of course a few New Year

celebratory drinks helps to ease things a bit. It's one of my favorite noirs

too, especially of the ordinary people caught up by happenstance in a

deadly situation type. That's what makes Paula and Frank so relatable.

And Chester is a great noir villain. I always get a kick when the cops

blow him away in the drugstore. Almost as good as seeing the Cowboys

lose. :)

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> {quote:title=ThelmaTodd wrote:}{quote}

> My understanding of the Mayan calendar is that it tells of a convergence of long term time cycles come 2012. Our civilisation only counts one 365 day year at a time; unlike the Mayans, we have no concept whatsoever of time proceeding in 5,000 and 26,000 year cycles.


Dec. 21. or 23, 2012, depending on which correlation with our calendar you accept, will be the ending of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan calendar. A Baktun is their largest unit of time equal to 394 years. Neither the ancient Maya, nor the modern Maya, thought the would would end then. But, we will enter the 14th Baktun... :)


All of the rest is just made up for show.

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That's a dilemma for all true blue Cowboys haters. Is it better that they

don't get in the playoffs, or is it better that they do and then lose? The

further they get, the more fun it is to see them lose, but the greater the

risk that they go all the way. But it's all over for this season, and whether

in the owner's box or down on the sidelines, it's always good to see Jerry

Jones with his pickle puss look.


I'm a Steelers' fan, but I don't think they have the tools to make it all the

way, but time will tell. I like the 49ers, and I was a fan during their glory

days, so I wouldn't mine them doing well.

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I actually liked the New Year's countdown theme, especially since we got to see *Panic in the Streets*, one of Elia Kazan's lesser-known films, but quite enjoyable, with "Walter Jack Palance" as a scary soft-spoken villain. Great cinematography by Joseph McDonald. *D.O.A*. is always a treat.


But then I'm a Cowboys fan, too.


Edited by: kingrat on Jan 4, 2012 1:25 PM

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