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Posting about Academy Awards and disgust with the cutting off of speeches in general makes me wonder about Greer Garson. I have read that for Mrs. Miniver she had a long acceptance speech. Is this true? How long was it? Who gave the longest acceptance speech and I assume the reson they cut them short now is because the shows run over because of long acceptance speeches? Anyway of finding out who said what in their acceptance speeches short of running down the telecasts? Do they have a link for that at the Academy website is there an Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences website at all. If so I wonder if they have Brando's "acceptance speech" for when he won for the Godfather? Off to bed with me. Thanks Mongo I hope I'm not to much of a bother..gwtwbooklover.

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gwtwbooklover, actress Greer Garson does hold the record for the longest acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. Whe she won the Oscar for "Mrs. Miniver", her speech lasted for 51/2 minutes.

For more info about the Academy Awards you can log onto www.oscar.org/


Marlon Brando turned down the Academy Award for "The Godfather", the second actor to refuse an Oscar (the first being George C. Scott for Patton.) Brando boycotted the award ceremony, sending little-known Native American actress Sacheen Littlefeather (nee Maria Cruz) to state his reasons, which were based on his objections to the depiction of Native Americans by Hollywood and television.

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gwtwbooklover, actress Greer Garson does hold the record for the longest acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. Whe she won the Oscar for "Mrs. Miniver", her speech lasted for 51/2 minutes.>>




Did Greer talk for 5 and a half minutes or for 51 maybe 52 minutes?

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I thought that didn't look right. Miss Garson actually talked for 5 and a half minutes. I don't have the old fashioned little 1/2 key on my board. Perhaps I should have entered it this way 5 1/2.

Reports that Miss Garson talked for almost an hour just isn't true. She still holds the record though.

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Hi Mongo and Lynn,


Carol Burnett did a great takeoff on this when she dawned a red wig and held up a fake oscar on her show and said, "Thank you everybody! I'm so happy and thrilled that I just want to thank everyone in the world, who are alphabetically ....."......


Apparently, Carol was told that Miss Garson laughed the loudest when she saw that skit.



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Hey hey hey Mr. M. :D


Don't know if there's some rule or guideline or whathaveyou about how to proceed with tasking The Master (hope not), so I'm just a-gonna insinuate my self right on in and ask The Mighty Mongo:

In this month's 'This Month On TCM' montage, what film is the source for the footage of a masqued male and female? Is it the Shearer&Howard Romeo&Juliet?


Peace and a candygram on ya, baby! B-)

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Sam, unfortunately I didn't get a gander at this months TCM montage. I can yell you that the movie "Romeo and Juliet" is not scheduled for March.


Perhaps it could be "The Chocolate Soldier" with Nelson Eddy and Rise Stevens or one of the Eddy & MacDonald musicals.


So, perhaps you better cancel the candygram...for now.

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Mongo...once again, excuse my intrusion into your thread.



SamTherapy...I took a real close look at the "body stocking-pig face" movie clip. The following is my hypothesis.



"Is it the Shearer&Howard Romeo&Juliet?..."


Not Shearer and Howard. Osborne and Haskell--after 'throwing back' four or five scotch and waters (maybe, martinis?).


BTW: SamTee where you bee(n)? Sorry, none of my business.



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Mongo, I have a question.


Greta Garbo is Star of the Month over here; I don't know if it's the same in the States.


Anyway, I tuned in to see "The Painted Veil" and the opening credits read: Metro Goldwyn Mayer presents GARBO in THE PAINTED VEIL. I can't remember seeing a studio use only the star's last name in the opening credits of a movie, can you. (Now please, everyone, don't jump in here with Cher or Madonna or Lassie; they only use one name professionally. Garbo used both her first and last name). Is there another instance where a star used only one name? Why not HEPBURN & TRACY in "Adam's Rib?" "BRANDO" in "On The Waterfront?"

BOGART in "Key Largo?"


Have you ever seen this before? "Gable's back and Garson's got him" is from the poster - not from the opening credits.



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Ralph, silent screen star Alla Nazimova began using the single screen name in the early 1920s, of just Nazimova. The name itself was distinct and she felt established enough to use it.

No doubt, MGM realized they had a goldmine in Greta Garbo, also a distinct name, and familiar to movie audiences, to promote her as the one and only Garbo.

In the early 1950s a French beauty appeared on screen simply as Capucine.


Of course during the Golden Age of Hollywood when stars were stars and fans were fans, the movie going public were very much intuned to a Gable, Garson, Garfield, Loy, Cagney, Stanwyck, Rooney, Garland, Crawford, Wayne, Davis, Stewart, Hepburn, Grant, Sheridan, etc. Great stars all.


Also I would imagine, it may have been up to the actor whether he or she wanted to appear on the marquee with a single name.

There are others I'm sure, including the great Piaf, who have used a single name.


By the way, our current star of the month is Jeanette MacDonald.

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This is an intriguing question - there appear to be four different cuts from the B&W film in question within the March montage:


- the two masked characters dancing

- the male (?) masked character playing the violin amongst other violinists

- the two masked characters together with a trumpet playing (left side of the screen)

- the two masked characters with a flute in the foreground


though I'm not sure I've gotten the order correct. They could be dream sequences within the film itself. I'm not familiar with it, but based on when it's spliced into the piece, I suspect they're from one of the "Divorce Remorse" movies. However, I've seen all but a few of the films within that theme, and a quick look-up of those I haven't didn't reveal to me which one it was. Sorry, perhaps someone else knows ...

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Thanks, Mongo.


I thought of Nazimova when I was asking this question, but I thought she always used her first name - Alla. Wrong? She was simply billed as Nazimova?


Capucine (of the affair with William Holden fame) is a Cher/Madonna situation - she was known by only the one name. If someone was asked to name movie stars who went by one name, Cher, Madonna (movie star? yes, I guess so), Capucine, would surely be on the list. Would Garbo and Nazimova?


Piaf was never billed simply as "Piaf " in the movies. In concert, yes - movies, no.


Sure we went to see Gable and Bogart and Hepburn and Crawford movies, just as today people go to see Cruise or Pitt or Jolie or Roberts movies. But they all use both names in the opening movie credits.


New subject -


So Jeannette is your current Star of the Month, huh? I thought something was strange - sometimes these threads make no sense to me at all. I get (on TCM) four movies every day - exactly four movies - no more, no less. I get a movie starting at about 4pm, one at 6, one at 8 and one at 10. At midnight, they are repeated and re-repeated until 4pm the next day when the cycle begins again. And I have still never seen Robert Osborne. That's probably why I find it hard to listen to those who think TCM is the greatest thing since sliced bread. To me, it's just another commercial satellite channel which I pay for and which I enjoy most of the time.


For example, today is George Brent's birthday and guess what they showed. First, a musical in which he played Jane Powell's father. This is a George Brent film? Next was "The Great Lie" and we all know how Bette and Mary re-wrote this as they filmed (that's their story, anyway). Another George Brent classic. And the fact is, they've shown both these movies within the last couple of months. Nothing special. So I went over to Cinemax and watched "Shirley Valentine." And last night, Susan Hayward in "I Kiss a Fool" on MGM.


My point? Other movie channels also show classic movies. Now I see we have a 70's marathon coming up on TCM - "Shaft" and things like that. Another reason to go elsewhere. I know, I know, that's what the remote is for. And, that's why I use it.


Thanks for listening, Mongo.



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Ralph, I can sympathize with you concerning the diddly TCM programming that you receive in Laos.

And oddly enough, although we get TCM movies 24/7 some people still complain. Could you imagine what would happen if we got only 4 movies a day? YIKES!


All day today we are being treated to a birthday salute of George Brent films.

Susan Hayward in "I Thank a Fool"? Did I read that right? Do you happen to get an MGM movie channel?


By the way, you can get a look at host Robert Osborne, in an article submitted by a board member, in an Osborne thread currently running on the boards.


And Ralph, I believe that you know more about movies, than you let on.

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Heehee--all this talk of the one-namers reminds me of a scene in Shall We Dance. Astaire plays an American pretending to be a Russian ballet dancer. When asked if he goes by "just Petrov," he says, in an over-the-top Russian accent:


"And vwhy not? Just Napoleon. And only Garrrrbo. So Petrov, too, she's enough!"


Purely by accident, I know where all the weird mask images come from. I caught the movie yesterday morning--it's Broadway Serenade, with Jeanette MacDonald and Lew Ayres. At the end of it there's a bizarre, awful number that combines operetta with swing, and every musician and dancer is wearing one of those creepy masks. Clearly someone in the promo department thought that was way cool [rolls eyes]...

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Thanks for clearing up the mystery Ayres. **** that Lew Ayres is in that film and you had the answer! I missed that one, but I just read some interesting ("hated it") comments regarding the closing Busby Berkeley sequence (though no mention of masks) on imdb.com.

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Hello Mongo


Watching 42nd Street, I can't help noticing "Chorus Girl" Toby Wing. She is the Featured Chorus Girl with Dick Powell in the "Young and Healthy" number. What a beautiful face and smile. I looked for her biography on TCM, and there is none. Her filmography shows 21 films. Do you have any Biography info on her?




Michael Douglas

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