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I have been trying to get the title of a Bette Davis film. This may be a popular film, but i only caught bits and pieces of it and am dying to see the entire film. The parts I saw had Bette Davis as a "Daddy's girl" when she was young and the man she loves is murdered and throughout her life she believes it was her fault. Towards the end of the movie a female character and a male character were trying to drive her crazy by making her believe she had killed again. I hope I am getting that right. In the end, she kills the characters by pushing a lage flower pot off of a balcony and crushing them. Can you help me please.

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bmovielover, I checked about 5 mini-bios of actor Reginald Gardiner and there is no mention of any sort of handicap regarding his left hand.

It's probable it was the style/habit of the suave, mustachioed and dapper British gent, also handsomely tailored, to gait through his films in that manner.

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According to David Niven in his wity biography "Bring On The Empty Horses", Reginald Gardner's arm was mutilated from a bad fall while he was chasing Hedy Lamarr at a party. Thus, he kept it behind his back most of the time.


I think she fired one of her (and George Antheil's) remote-controlled torpedoes at him!

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"...Must be his style, like William Powell's 90 degree martini elbow..."


ROF ! Gotta love Powell's style.


A few questions for you, Mongo, if you wouldn't mind...


* Are the Philo Vance movies available on DVD yet ?


* Do you know if TCM will be showing them consecutively one night ?

(Soon, I hope !)


* Does TCM ever have a "Powell/Loy Day" and show the movies NOT associated

with the "Thin Man" series (i.e.: "Love Crazy", et al...) ?


and, totally unrelated to Powell/Loy:


* Is the movie, "They All Kissed the Bride" with Joan Crawford and Melvyn Douglas

in the TCM library ?


Thanks in advance.


(A loyal Powell/Loy fan.)


PS: As the movie fan you obviously are, I thought you

might like to read this anecdote as well:


For my birthday last year, my two younger sisters took

me to a showing of "The Thin Man" at "The Orpheum" (a

very OLD and ORNATE [gold gilding, velvet, and brass

EVERYWHERE !] theater) in Memphis, TN. The theater also

had an old serial reel prior to the feature: Flash

Gordon !! It was great. The biggest laugh came from two

"Nora Charles" quotes:


"What's that man doing in my drawers ?!?"




"I was just a gleam in my father's eye..."


Ha ! I missed a lot of the innuendo when I was younger.


Message was edited by: AstaDisasta

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Asta, when TCM presents either Myrna Loy or William Powell as one of their stars of the month, it's certain that a few "Thin Man" films will be shown. I don't believe that the pair were ever co-stars of the month.


The movie "They All Kissed the Bride" is a Columbia picture and doesn't appear to be in the TCM archives. The info supplied on TCM database noted "No images available in the TCM archives".

And "Love Crazy" with Loy & Powell is an MGM film and has been aired on TCM. Keep your eyes peeled on the TCM schedule.


There were 15 "Philco Vance" films made by various studios and with various stars. William Powell starred in 4 of them including:

"The canary Murder Case" (1929) Paramount

"Greene Murder Case" (1929) Paramount

"Benson Murder Case" (1930) Paramount

"The Kennel Murder Case" (1933) Warner Bros., which has been aired on TCM and the only one of the four films available on video.



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Mongo -


Whatever happened to all the red and blue ink and those little squiggly things? Where is Melanie and her feather? I don't see colors anymore! Thank God! Did someone officially complain (I just skipped right over them - they hurt my eyes)? But I think you can still use those "happy face" things, can't you? Is that a TCM policy now? Happy faces are o.k., colored ink and feathers are not? Just wondering.



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A poster on one of the other threads asked Melanie to refrain from using the animated script in her sig line because it was difficult on his eyes.


She graciously obliged.




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Good Morning Mongo,


In your birthday post for Joan Crawford on March 23rd, you mention "her 5 husbands"....

I always thought she'd had only 4...

1) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

2) Franchot Tone

3) Philip Terry

4) Alfred Steele


Who was #5 and where does he come into the picture??

I know she had many lovers but did she marry one along the way and I was asleep?




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Dear Mongo


I caught a few minutes of a movie shown on TCM about a year or so ago, and I don't remember what it was called,


It was, I think, a 1930's movie, Possibly one of the Zeigfeld or Broadway musicals, or something in that style. The only part I remember is a comedy routine about the way different people sneeze (yes, SNEEZE !). I think it was an old vaudeville comedian. If you or anyone else remembers the name of this movie I would be greatfull if you would tell me. Thanks



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Good Day Mongo


I have run into something. I asked you a couple months ago or so about supporting actor John Ridgely. A "Whatever Happened To...?" type question. Which you very kindly answered.


I watched John Ford's "The Hurricane", which afterwards had me looking at Dorothy Lamour's biography. I see she married William Howard in 1943 and remained married to him until his death in 1978. Their first son was named John Ridgely Howard (no birth date listed). Dorothy Lamour and Ridgely do have one movie in common..."The Greatest Show On Earth". Lamour was still a big "star" when this film was made (1952), and by this time Ridgely's movie career was definitely on the down hill slope.


Most likely, I am thinking Ridgely is an old family name of Howard or Lamour ( I know Lamour is her "movie name"). But if not, do you know of any possible connection between Lamour and Ridgely?

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Larry, the ultimate movie star Joan Crawford, when she was Lucille LeSueur was married briefly to a saxophone player named James Welton between 1923 and 1924.

He played with an orchestra at the Winter Garden theatre. Since she wanted to become a dancer, she felt he could further her career.

She seldom if ever mentioned this marriage.

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