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Yes it's there, although done differently. Click on the Schedule link, then on the next page where it says Day/Month to bring up the current month, then the small arrow in the upper right corner of the month to go forward up to three months, or the upper left arrow to go back again.



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Actually they do have the monthly schedules in a scroll-down format that you can access from this page:




The problem is that while these new monthly schedules bear a superficial resemblance to the "classic" format of pre-June 2011, it's impossible to copy them onto a Word document that lets you edit it without the font sizes jumping all over the place. Under the old format you could create a personalized schedule for the entire month within less than an hour, complete with links to each film's individual page, and without the need to use any function on your keyboard other than the delete key---you'd just select and delete the films you didn't want to see, with the great bulk of the time consisting of thinking about which films you wanted or didn't want to watch. Now it takes so long to do this that I don't even bother attempting to do more than a few days at a time. You have to copy the title and the description separately, and then type in the actors and the directors manually, unless you want to have to keep adjusting the font size over and over. And when you delete one film, there's a big blank space in its place that can't be deleted, which means that if you have a personalized schedule that would have been 7 pages under the old format, it's now closer to 77 pages. It's an absolute disaster of a format, and there's still never been any explanation as to why it was necessary to destroy a perfectly good existing format. It's the TCM version of those Pentagon wizards who "won" the Iraq war with their spreadsheets and power point presentations: They never bothered to see how their plans might actually work out in practice.

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WCJM23 -


The upcoming full-page monthly schedules are only available through links like these -






For months further away from January, make the appropriate change to the address (i.e. .../April2012.html) as those months start to fall within the "three months ahead" window of time. There is no definite "date" when those links will become active but, sooner or later a page/link will become active.


TCM doesn't want to "officially" post schedules so far into the future because they are often alterred/changed as the month approaches. Before, people would print out that schedule page and then be disappointed (angry, even) when titles were removed/replaced as the month drew closer.


These "unofficial" hidden links by TCM are a gesture to the members of these Forums who anxiously await news about the months ahead but come with the prominent "Subject To Change" admonition.


My advice is you peruse the above pages (They are interesting to read)but not print them out for reference. Do not treat them as "finalized." By March, there may be many changes or substitutions to what you see listed when reading it during the first week of January.


Kyle In Hollywood

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