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Hallmark yesterday showed back-to-back "Parent Trap". Starting with the original Haley Mills version, followed by the newer one that introduced Lindsay Lohan.


Even though the newer ones handled the stupid premise a little better, it still couldn't overcome the biggest flaw...just WHY would these sisters, seperated in infancy and kept in the dark about each other all their lives even want the two people who concieved this jackass arrangement to get back together and finish raising them?



Yeah, yeah, I know it's just a movie. AND in spite of the silly premise, 99.99% of Americans looked past it and just LOVED the movie.



What got me about the original was it never explained how, in spite of seperation at infancy, with one growing up in Boston, and the other growing up in California, they managed to both accquire *british accents!!* At least in the remake, one of the sisters grew up in London, and was the only twin to speak with the accent(OK, OK, I KNOW it was only ONE actress! Just go with it!). Still, I can't imagine any real court in this country finding this sort of arrangement agreeable. Or any real PARENTS. At least, luckily, any parents +I+ know!






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Good points. Made me think about the original *The Omen* ...why would Damien, raised by American parents, and even though he's raised in England, grow up with a British accent, which he still has as a teenager in *Omen II* ...but then he doesn't have by *The Final Conflict* (Omen III). Damien shouldn't have had any accent at all (IMHO).

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LOL Sepiatone! I always assumed the girls were trying to get their parents back together so that the state of California would recognize the common-law marriage and award the girls a larger trust fund when they eventually petitioned the court to become emancipated minors and brought a civil suit against their parents for traumatic separation and aggravated child abuse...


...but that's just me. :)

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The accents are inexplicable, I agree. But, the natural desire of two long separated sisters to have a normal family, all together, with both of their real parents, would seem self-evident to me. Most humans would want that, unless they were sociopaths.

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