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:0 Whoops, I meant "Guest Programmers". But seriously, can we go at least three or four months without someone picking *DR. STRANGELOVE* again? All but maybe one of the other 4 films tonights guest has selected is frenquently chosen too. I ask again, haven't these people seen any other movies? In all honest, I find the whole thing pretty depressing.

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Jim Brooks is the most brilliant dramatic writers of our generation, and my hero.


Dr. Strangelove is the most brilliant black comedy in the history of cinema, directed by Stanley Kubrick, another one of my heroes.


Don't worry, Angela Lansbury night is coming.

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Sorry, My comment was not directed specifically at Mr. Brooks, but the overall irony of the situation. I don't think he is generally abreast of what has been selected recently either.


Meantime, your reverence for STRANGELOVE doesn't change the fact that it was just on TCM for the umpteenth time a few weeks ago.





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I feel like someone else recently chose MY FAVORITE YEAR and NETWORK as guest programmer but I don't remember. I am totally not complaining because it is my favorite O'Toole film and I can watch it over and over again. Ellen Barkin tweeted that she would be a guest programmer in the future. She didn't give specifics but she does tweet about her love for TCM and how she can be on the couch all day watching the channel. I am curious to know what films she would pic.


I would love to see a guest programmer request an obscure film or something that isn't popular that TCM has access to. It would be interesting to see someone discussing a film that they know and love, even if Robert O has never seen it, or isn't too knowledgable on it.

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> {quote:title=Bolesroor wrote:}{quote}


> Don't worry, Angela Lansbury night is coming.

Stop trying to slip in snide comments about Angela wherever you can.


Give it a rest already...a lot of people here are tired of your anti-Angela comments.

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I tend to agree with gagman that most guest programmers picks are boring. i.e. they pick very good, if not great movies, but their choices are so vanilla. Yea, The Maltese Falcon or Out of The Past are some of my favorite noirs but if I only had 4 movies to pick I wouldn't pick those, but instead something like Pick-Up on South Street.


I can see one or two of their choices being 'vanilla' but often it is all 4.

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