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Blast of Silence

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Hands down my favorite film-noir! (the 2nd would be TSSoS) BOS is so straight forward miserably honest!


I made a funk rock video of original music using this film and I have never tried to promote it...but thought I would share it..check it out if your a fan of the film.




Edited by: mezo on Jan 10, 2012 5:51 AM

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Did you use scenes from different movies?


Why the 1930s cars in the night scenes, the 1950 Ford police cars in the cab rollover scene, 1940s cars in several of the daylight scenes, and 1960 cars in some of the daylight scenes. The cab rollover scene looks like it was taken from "Side Street" (1950).


My professional advice is to have all the cars match their proper eras in a single movie, and get rid of that noise on the sound track.


That advice will be 2? please. Thank you.

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:) Well, since we have diverged into some homemade Noir's here are two on mine:


First up is "Tony Mars A Case of Murphy's Law" most of the images are from Hudson, NY which was the location for the bank job in one of the last Film Noir's *Odds Against Tomorrow*, and more recently for Paul Newman's *Nobody's Fool*. Music is "Harlem Nocturn" & the TCM late night bumper.


*Tony Mars A Case of Murphy's Law*






Next is a homage to Femme Fatale's "Not Tonight" music is from opening credits to *Cat on a Hot Tin Roof* and the TCM late night bumper. Opening title sequence is an homage to *Kiss Me Deadly*



*Not Tonight*




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