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Can't Remember this movie.


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I'm a big Sci-Fi fan. For several years I've been trying to remember the title to a movie I saw as a kid. Can some one help me? Here's the plot. A man on the streets, "a bumb" (I think played by Burgess Merideth), finds a medical bag. Throughout the movie he helps people by preforming surgery eventhough he 's not a doctor. The bag came from the future, so it basically did the surgery itself. Now the bumb gets cocky and demands to be put on TV. He is going to suprise the world by performing surgery on live TV. But by the time he is supposed to go the air, someone from the future locates the bag on some type of radar. The tech is instructed to retrieve the bag at once, not knowing where it is, or who has it. Meanwhile back in the present, Burgess Merideth is on stage cutting his own throat on live TV. Needless to say, the surgical instruments didn't work and Meridith dies on stage.

I want to think this was an episode of Twilight Zone, or Shock Theater, or even One Step Beyond. I can't remember, I was only 8 yrs old at the time.

If anyone can tell me the title of this movie it will set a wondering mind to rest after 40 yrs. THANK YOU!!

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I think twilight zone was way more sci-fi than night gallery. that show was more about supernatural stuff like that one episode where this alcoholic thought she had ghosts in the attic of her new home, and she gets her ex husband up there hoping he'll have a heart attack. remember that one?

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