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Searching for a film! PLEASE!!


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(I posted this a while ago under my old screen name, and had no luck. But now I REALLY want to find this film!!)


I thought I had watched this film on Neflix, but I am unable to find it in my history!

I know it was Black and White and that it had Noir undertones (if it wasn't full-on Noir)

There was a man and a woman on the run. The woman is accused of being insane and the man (who I believe is a reporter/journalist of some kind) pretends to believe that she's sane, but ends up committing her to an asylum. Shortly there after, he has a change of heart and goes back for her.

The doctors at the asylum are bad guys though, and they kidnap her and try to take her somewhere, but the journalist(?) saves her.

I remember them reuniting in the tunnel of a train.


I know it's somewhat vague, but it's all I have!

Any suggestions would be of great help!

Thank You!!!

<3 Viv

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This is the third thread you've started with this same question.


If we knew, we would tell you.


You might have some of the facts of the film mixed up with other films.


This is the story line of EVE KNEW HER APPLES, 1945:


Radio singing star, Eve Porter, wants a vacation during her show's summer hiatus, but her manager and press have booked her for additional work. She refuses and goes to Las Vegas. When she finds them there hunting her down, she manages to escape them by hiding in the car of a newspaper reporter.


She comes out of hiding while he is driving, but everything she says is misconstrued, making him believe that she is a recently-escaped convict, "The Singing Widow" (an insane killer). He plans to use this as a story to get back into the good graces of his editor. Through some comic mishaps, he learns who she really is. He then decides to take her back to Hollywood to collect the reward for her return. But now love has entered the mix, and must be resolved with his job and her engagement to another.

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