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Hotel Berlin?


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Wasn't sure where to post this. It isn't worthy of a thread, so please humor me.


Has anyone seen this film? Is it a poor man's Grand Hotel? I am finding it distinctly unpleasant, the actors incredibly unattractive (sorry Raymond Massey), and a chore to sit through. The acting is mediocre, and if I am supposed to come away feeling patriotic or anti-Nazi from this movie, it's not working. Even fast forwarding isn't helping, I want to see the resistance twit get it.


I am finding it THAT annoying. Am I alone?


There's a review on the IMDb site from someone who thought it was "great". Hmmmm.......

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A mini "Grand Hotel" by author Vicki Baum and ironically it was the cast that made it interesting for me to watch the movie.

Hard to believe you didn't take note of the handsome actor Helmut Dantine who usually played a Nazi.

Of course I always liked Andrea King (Lupino look-a-like) and the lovely Faye Emerson. And with Peter Lorre you can't lose.



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Thanks, Mongo. Wasn't that Dantine playing the resistance guy? Bleech, not my type at all.


He's apparently in another movie which I am finding very interesting due to its cast and its subject matter: The Beginning Or The End. Many well known actors, but I haven't yet recognized Dantine. Hurd Hatfield and Robert Walker are in it, as is Brian Donlevy...now he's my type!:)


Peter Lorre was very good at the end of Hotel Berlin, but when he was rolling his eyes during conversations in his room, I had to fast forward. Interesting historically, nonetheless.

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Thanks everyone for your responses. dkny1177, I won't reveal any plotline, since I'm sure it will be on again.


It was odd, but I continued to have the feeling throughout the entire movie that I just didn't care about them. At all. I was more interested in her closet of shoes than I was in the actress lady getting it!


No matter, I still appreciate the movie for what it was.

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