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Pressure Point


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I think this is the name of the Sidney Poitier, Bobby Darin movie. I had bad luck again as I recorded it and it stopped w/about 5-10 mins to go. Anyone know how it ends? It was broadcast on the 16th of Jan. Poitier played a psychiatrist and Darin a Nazi.

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I finally watched it. I was going to look for your earlier post, and fill you in.


>Addendum: it wasn't your earlier post, it was someone else's. My error.


The TCM synopsis is incomplete, and a bit inaccurate.


In the parole hearing, Darin convinces the parole board that he is sane, reformed, and Poitier just hates him, because Poitier is prejudiced against him for being white. Later, Darin tells Poitier that of course the parole board believed him, a convict, rather than Poitier, a Dr., because Darin is white, and Poitier black. All this takes place while while Poitier is packing up, because he has resigned his job. Poitier responds by putting Darin in his place, verbally, and Darin is obviously taken aback by it.


Flash forward to present day - Peter Falk asks Poitier what ever became of Darin. Poitier says that 10 years later, he killed an old man for no reason, and was hung. Falk decides not to resign, but to go back to try and help the black kid he has not been getting through to. He says that he will see the kid in black face next time, and Poitier says that's a good idea.


I liked the film quite a bit, including the surrealistic hallucinations and flashbacks. It was all very striking. It would make a good double feature with Sam Fuller's *Shock Corridor*.


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