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The D.I. and -30- not correct ratio???


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Great to see The D.I. and -30- make their premieres on TCM tonight but dissapointed to see full frame prints run when both of these were shot in widescreen 1:85.

Both available from Warner Archives in their correct aspect ratio so I would have assumed TCM would have received widescreen prints - too bad, great movies, nonetheless

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> {quote:title=kriegerg69 wrote:}{quote}Is there any real purpose for so many posts lately that simply question or complain about one film after another NOT being shown in widescreen or the correct ratio? It just seems that's all I'm reading about here so much lately.

REALLY, krieg ol' buddy???!!! :0


(...and here I thought I WAS seein' a whole o' "Mank/Alec/ *North by Northwest* AGAIN?" complainin' goin' on lately INSTEAD!!!)




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> {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote}*-30-* is a terrific movie and I'm enjoying it very much. I'm glad TCM is showing it. It's a great companion to *Deadline USA*.

Well, to each his own Iz, but sorry, I'm finding *-30-* just about the most static, over/under acted, poorly scored film with bloated dialogue I've watched in some time. And, I never thought I'd say this, but William Conrad's "chewing of the scenery", err, I guess I mean, "chewing of the newspaper city room" in it, makes his turn as Rocky & Bullwinkle's narrator seem almost understated!


(...and this is comin' from a guy who thinks *Lou Grant* was just about one of the best TV programs ever broadcast!)


Edited by: Dargo on Jan 29, 2012 9:30 PM

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Was "-30-" a great movie? No.

Was "-30-" a great example of late '50's television?



Note that the cast members all found some level of success on television at about the same time, or slightly after this movie.

Webb had already had success on the small screen with the first incarnation of "Dragnet".

Flynn found a home on "McHale's Navy"

Whitney Blake was Don DeFore's wife and Shirley Booth's boss on "Hazel".

Deacon was Morey Amsterdan's whipping boy on "Dick Van Dyke"

David Nelson...'nuff said.

William Conrad and "Cannon".

Even "Floyd the Barber" was along for the ride!


Webb seemed to have found his niche with this one. Clean look, snappy pace, acerbic wit and a good story line. His stock in trade. And as good a story about the news biz as I've ever seen. William Conrad's dissertation about newspapers SHOULD be forced down the throats of all those "online newshounds" that brought about the medium's near demise.


Of course, I could have done WITHOUT his eye rolling, slam everything around over reacting acting.


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