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Movie ID request please


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Shown / made between 1976 and 1980+? set in the USA, could be Canada about a debt collector working for a large agency who is in his early 30's has very short hair and wears a suit - not really typical at the time as he is showing the ropes to a new trainee who has 70's hair and plastic black rimmed glasses.

Some scenes, beginning of movie, the pro slickly distracts owner of a large white flashy automobile while in the background it is being ramped on a truck on a busy high street, escaping the wrath of the owner who didn't make his last payments. The trainee gets a beating because he's not quick enough (cynical enough) on the getaway. Obviously the pro is totally un-sympatric about human nature, he's seen it all and does not like the naive trainee.

There is a family as the film develops where the husband has got himself really in debt and lost his job, basically begging for his future - the pro has known this loser for years, the pro does not go for it and tells him to pay up or lose the house. Later in his apartment he is shown lifting a single dumbbell (kind of the 1980's fitness thing), the doorbell rings it’s the wife of the man in debt begging to leave her husband alone, she offers herself pitifully in exchange for the debt, he shows her the door but is affected by this and tells the agency to "lay off". The agency of course thinks another account rep has gone soft and sends someone else round behind his back to put more pressure on. The pro goes round to the house later in the week and walks in on the man having hanged himself (think the family gets it as well can't remember). The trainee later in the office assumes that it's the pro doing the usual leaning on the account and berates him sarcastically on how well his sales figures will look for the month.

End of film is the pro dialing in his account numbers from a pay phone to the mainframe and the computer confirming deletion of each account then he just walks away - end film

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Thanks for your suggestion, I have not seen Repo man either but it's not the same movie I'm sure - from the description it's definitely similar in plot. The movie I'm thinking of was probably a made for TV movie and seemingly obscure



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