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What's missing from all these Nazi films?


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Ooh, ooh! I know, I know, Fred.


None of 'em feature a rousing chorus of "Springtime for Hitler"...RIGHT?!!!


(...well, at least I'VE always thought that was a glaring omission on their part anyway!!!) ;)



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Okay! Then how about all the Nazis always have british accents?!!!


Oh, wait a minute! THAT can't be it, huh! You asked what's MISSING, didn't ya?!


(...okay Fred, I think you're gonna have to give us a little hint here...in what vein are ya talkin' about here...wardrobe?...sets?...what?)

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I think it probably requires a major epiphany. Because it certainly becomes obvious after you know the answer.


What's missing are privately-owned guns in the households of all the civilians.


In any Nazi movie that deals with civilians, notice how few Nazis control so many unarmed civilians.


Notice how many unarmed civilians get on the cattle cars when ordered to do so by a hand full of armed Nazis.


Notice how many civilian hostages march obediently to the wall in front of the Nazi firing squad when told to do so by the armed Nazi guards.


It's all because the civilians have no personal firearms. They have no guns. They are unarmed. They have no hunting rifles, shotguns, or pistols. And the Nazis are all armed and will shoot any of the civilians they want to shoot.

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Okay, all joking aside, are you talkin' about the idea of an "armed citizenry" here?


(...'cause if ya are, then ya gotta know this thread is probably gonna get REALLY out o' hand here, RIGHT?!...yep, I'd give it 'til, say, this time tomorrow before Michael the Admin steps in and declares a "cease fire"!!!) :^0

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Ooh MAN! I was RIGHT!!!


(...like I said here Fred, I think that this is an avenue ya might not wanna venture down around here, 'cause I got me a feelin' this issue is so "hot button" that even though you've prefaced it with this whole Nazi movie thing here, it's a subject that's probably better left to discussion on other websites geared more toward political issues)



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I'm talking strictly about the civilians in these old war movies and in Europe during WW II.


The Nazis had guns, the civilians did not. That's all I'm talking about.


I've seen so many of these movies, I would love to see the civilians pull out guns and shoot all the Nazis and run them out of town. Like the situation at the end of the film "Watch on the Rhine" and at the end of "Casablanca".


I'm not saying we should arm civilians in Europe today. No, not at all. That's none of my business.

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I understand your point here Fred, but if this thread does get out o' hand, don't say I didn't warn ya.


(...I hope it doesn't, but hey, you and I have seen threads around here with less potential to get heated go absolutely bonkers, right?!)

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Well, obviously there was armed resistance in many countries, so you're talking about Hollywood, not real life. But armies with no conscience can generally control and suppress such resistance, especially when they've got such a big supply of collaborators and informants among the population.


Personally, I find it funny that everyone in 90% of those silly American WWII movies made in the 1940's seems to speak perfectly unaccented U.S. English, but then that's why when I want to watch WWII movies that don't insult my intelligence, I generally go to Netflix and rent the far superior foreign ones.

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*"What's missing are privately-owned guns in the households of all the civilians."* - FCD


And the privately-owned tanks like the Nazis had. And the planes. And the mortar rounds. And machine guns. Being that out-armed by an invading army immediately makes one's hunting rifle useless. And a distraction when it comes to dramatic narrative and war propaganda.


Fred, you know Hollywood was only pumping out pro-war propaganda that inspired the American audiences and committed them to the war effort. An armed and "fighting" European citizenry would contradict the idea that the Americans had to ride in like the cavalry to save these peoples from the invading horde.


The reality is I am sure many citizens DID have personal weapons - especially hunting rifles. But "war fiction" isn't helped by including that "truth" in films.


I hope that in your old age you aren't waiting patiently for an "Audrey Hepburn-esque" young woman to appear believing she will fall in love with you just like Hepburn and Astaire (Funny Face), Bogart (Sabrina), Cooper (Love In The Afternoon) or Grant (Charade). That was propaganda too, my friend.


But don't let "truth" stop you from stocking up on the "little blue pill", just in case.


Kyle In Hollywood

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I'd have to double check this, but I believe the Poles and the French even had



It's not really guns, it's monocles and cigarette holders. Each by itself doesn't

amount to much, but put 'em together and you've got a combination that conquered

a good chunk of Europe. Yes, it's tough to fight wearing a monocle while smoking a

cigarette, but like a lot of things, one gets used to it.

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>Yes, it's tough to fight wearing a monocle while smoking a cigarette, but like a lot of things, one gets used to it.




Some of you guys are coming up with the most bizarre stories.


Why don't you just come out and say you don't want the 1939 -1945 European civilians to be armed against the Nazis.


You seem to want people like the unarmed Frank family to just hide in fear in their attic for two years and then be led off to the concentration camp by armed Nazis.


But I would prefer all the Frank families and all the other civilian families to have guns and to blow the s*** out of the danged Nazis who break into their homes and attics.


The Nazis didn't invade Switzerland. The Swiss were heavily armed with one or more rifles in nearly every home.


These girls know exactly what I'm talking about:


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The Germans had a terrifying "system" for dealing with armed resistance in occupied territories, one they imposed from the very beginning of the war in Poland- hostages. They would arbitrarily round up a certain of number innocent people when entering a town. Some "formula" would be publicly announced: that so many of the hostages (usually at least ten) would be summarily shot for the death of each German soldier. The death of a high ranking officer would be avenged by even more lives. The Germans did this a lot in Poland, France, Italy and many other places where an active partisan resistance occured. In spite of these dreadful and draconian measures, armed resistance none the less continued throughout the war. The partisans had guns and bombs. The Germans had numbers and organisation.


To give this a cinematic context, refer to the movie *Night and Fog (2003), (available from the Critierion Collection) *dealing with the life and death of *Reinhard Heydrich* an SS officer killed by the Czech resistance. The town of *Lidice *was wiped out in retaliation.


An armed citizenry might be able to hold out against a mediocre dictator fighting with demoralised troops. Against an evil genius backed by well organised and fanatical followers, they are far less effective. Many people in Europe found this out the real hard way.

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Fred, the bit about the monocles and cigarette holders was just a piece

of silliness, modeled on some stereotypes of movie Nazis, though they

were most often Gestapo types instead of infantry troops.


I think we've discussed this topic before. The Germans had little trouble

defeating the French and Polish armies. Armed civilians (and there's no

reason to think everyone was armed in the first place) would have been a

different type of fight, but it's one the Germans would likely have won too.

If there was more resistance, they simply would have come down harder

on all civilians.


If the Franks and other civilians thought they had a better chance with

their own limited supply of guns and ammo, then that's fine with me, but

in general they still likely would have wound up dead. The Germans were

defeated not by civilians with guns, but by the armies of America, Russia,

and Great Britain.


I don't know about those ladies. They have their back to the door with their

weapons slung across their torsos. Wouldn't take much to wipe them out.


If a certain gold prospector had kept his gun in better condition he might

not have wound up as buzzard food.

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