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Women will soon be allowed to serve as front-line combat soldiers sharing the grit of battle alongside males, both heterosexual and homosexual. Women in movies past served only as love props, but when women begin going toe-to-toe with enemy soldiers Hollywood will be obligated to create female John Wayne's... Wayne never spent a single day in combat but even before WW2 he was believed by many young recruits to be a bonafide war hero. Should Hollywood begin now to create new female war heroines in the mode of John Wayne?

P.S. "GI Jane" was considered a cartoon by both males and females in our military.

-- Phill Coleman





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The movie *Courage Under Fire* has a women (Meg Ryan), in a combat situation.


We should expect more women as war heros since women as superheros, crime fighters, spys, etc... is big now. The marketing reasons are easy to understand; Women like movies with strong women characters and since these women are typically 'hot', men like these women characters as well.



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Putting aside the forever controversial issue of John Wayne's movie persona vs his real life experiences, I would only hope that any film depiction of a "war hero" doesn't stray far from the real nature of what war is all about, and the sacrifices that any participant must make. War is never glorious, it's ugly and has serious consequences. Unfortunately, at times it may be necessary (after reasonable attempt to avoid it) and we should always be grateful to and supportive of those who do serve. Even if an actor/actress has never personally experienced the military or actual combat, just keep it real when playing the role. I believe that most of John Wayne's characters did that. No female actress should be playing a "Supergirl" any more then a guy should be playing a "Superman".

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