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"Back By Popular Demand" - Please?


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OK. As the converse to a different thread here, how about submitting titles that played on TCM only once or twice and haven't been seen again.

And I am not necessarily thinking of "new" films shown during "31 Days of Oscar".


My short list includes -

*Easy Living*

*The Prisoner Of Shark Island*

*In Old Chicago* (Did it ever get rescheduled?)

*How Green Was My Valley*



And yours?


Kyle In Hollywood

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I'm not sure whether or not they've ever been shown on TCM at all, but I'd sure love to see these ten for starters:


*Easy Living* (the Sturges screwball, not the Victor Mature football movie)


*Sudden Fear* (Crawford and Palance)


*The Great McGinty* (Donleavy)


*Criss Cross* (Lancaster)


*Diary of a Lost Girl* (Louise Brooks) (Though *Pandora's Box* has shown at least twice in recent years)


*Body and Soul* (Garfield)


*Champion* (Kirk Douglas)


*Dracula* (Lugosi)


*The Killing* (Hayden)


And finally, *Double Indemnity* (Stanwyck) . I'm sure this must have been shown a million times, but not in the past three years since I've been paying close attention.

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*The Journey* (1959)- This all-star cast in a film about vacationers being detained by Soviet Army officers during the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 includes Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner.


I don't think it's been shown on TCM for quite a while and since I discovered this fascinating film when I think it was last shown on TCM about 3 or 4 years ago.

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I seem to have some sort of cosmic hex on me when it comes to *Kitty* (1945), starring Paulette Goddard and Ray Milland. The first time it aired, my cable service was being petulant (fuzzy mess of a picture X-( ).


But wait, hope was not lost - I was thrilled to see the film rescheduled for Mr. Milland's Star of the Month tribute. Of course, that elation was thoroughly squelched by a thunderstorm that knocked out power for the bulk of the evening.


So . . . third time's the charm? Pretty please?

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Good idea! I would love to see the following because I missed them the last time around:


*The Last of the Mohicans* the silent version directed by Maurice Tourneur


*The Set Up* filmed around Los Angeles back in the day.


*The Maltese Falcon* the 1931 version


*Track of the Cat* starring Robert Mitchum and directed by Wild Bill Wellman.


and it would be great if they could get *Yellow Sky* (again, Wild Bill Wellman) and, wait for it, *Secret of the Incas* two films that have yet to come to TCM.


A girl can dream.....

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Machine Gun McCain




Madame Du Barry (1934)




The Day the Earth Stood Still


Seven Men From Now


The Spoilers


Destry Rides Again (if this has ever shown)


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir


The Easiest Way


The Mark of Zorro




La Guerre est Finie


Danger Lights


Funny Face


Lovers Courageous

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Thanks to everyone that has responded so far. Most of the "nominees" put forth for return engagements are worthy suggestions.


While some titles are actually waiting to make their TCM debut - *Laura* - others mentioned were only seen once or twice - *The Day The Earth Stood Still*, *Kitty* (sorry to hear about the excessive bad luck, "Nora") - and would be nice to be seen on TCM once again.


And I didn't know that *The Maltese Falcon* (1931) was a "rarity" for TCM watchers. Interesting. As a "reward" for the two suggestions it has received so far, have a look at the Original One-Sheet Poster.


Copy of MalteseFalconThe1931LRG

(Click Through on Image to Access Larger Versions)


...and a little "pretty please" push for a title on the lists of me and "AndyM".





Keep the suggestions coming. And if anyone has noticed a member's selection is actually scheduled to be shown in the coming months, let us know.


Kyle In Hollywood

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The Squaw Man, Warner Baxter, 1931 (better than the silent version)


Waterloo Bridge, Mae Clarke


Blonde Venus, Marlene Dietrich


Dishonored, Marlene Dietrich, 1931


Broken Lullaby, Lionel Barrymore, Nancy Carroll, Phillips Holmes


Call Her Savage, Clara Bow (sound)


The Wild Party, Clara Bow (sound)

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Interesting that *Double Indemnity* is on the "must-see again" list of a few folks. But how great that it is upcoming. I noticed that it was showing on the Encore Channels lately so I didn't expect to see it scheduled on TCM so soon. (Encore/Starz has dipped into the "classic" canon alot lately.)


I've always believed that there are many viewers wanting to see the "evergreen" titles again no matter how often they have been seen in the past. But I also know where the "anti-Some Like It Hot" folks are coming from.


Glad you like the *The Maltese Falcon* poster 'sewannie'. You're welcome.


FredCDobbs -

Here's a little (or BIG) Marlene, for ya.

Copy of Dishonored1931LRG_styB

(Click Through on Image to Access Larger Versions)


I'd like to see it too - but mostly for watching McLaglen with La Dietrich.


And *Yellow Sky*, 'lzcutter'? I knew *Secret Of The Incas* wouldn't be alone on your list of causes to champion for long. But I didn't see that one coming.


Keep up with the "nominations" everyone.


Kyle In Hollywood

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