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YOU are guest programmer which 4 films would you pick


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It was really hard but....

I love Ginger Rogers

Vivacious Lady...............Charles Coburn was a gem


Flying Down to Rio...........Great film and the dancing and music perfection!


Mildred Pierce.......best Film Noir, I watch it every time!


What Ever Happen to Baby Jane................Victor Bruno, love his scenes.


I also love religious films.

Jennifer Jones is another favorite of mine.

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"Hands Across The Table" -- Carole Lombard is my all-time favorite actress, and this comedy with Fred MacMurray remains relatively unknown.


"Libeled Lady" -- William Powell, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy, newspaper intrigue, heiress, fishing scene! Need I say more?


"The Smiling Lieutenant" -- the Lubitsch touch. Jazz up your lingerie!


"A Hard Day's Night" -- Richard Lester captures the quintessence of the Beatles, and indeed the 1960s.

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STRANGE AFFAIR OF UNCLE HARRY - Robert Siodmak noir with George Sanders


THE WALKING HILLS - John Sturges directs Randolph Scott


THE TATTERED DRESS - Jack Arnold directs Jeff Chandler in a precursor to Anatomy of a Murder


LAW AND ORDER - Edward L. Cahn's take on Wyatt Earp with Walter Huston and Harry Carey


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The Grapes of Wrath: 1940 Perfect casting, perfect direction and an important part of our history. Each scene is almost like a little masterpiece.


That Hamilton Woman: 1941 starring Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier. Historical drama set during Napoleonic wars, with Olivier playing Lord Nelson. A beautiful, yet doomed love story.


Anchors Aweigh: 1945. Gene Kelly dances with Jerry the mouse, Frank Sinatra sings, “I fall in love to easily.” Need I say more? Fun forties musical and Kelly was nominated for Oscar, Best Actor category.



He Ran All The Way: 1951 John Garfield’s last film and he brings all together in a beautiful multilayered performance. Only Garfield could play a tough criminal who allows the audience to see not only his toughness but his sensitivity, vulnerability and his loss as well. Yes, he is the bad guy, but before to long you are on his side, not on the side of the family he holds hostage. He wants so badly to belong to this family and find love that it is heart breaking because they won’t even meet him half way. If Hollywood had any guts in 1951 he would have or should have been nominated for an Oscar for this performance. However, HUAC had him by the neck, and Hollywood turned their backs on him and they ran all the way like scared little sheep.


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I would pick four favorites that, to my knowledge, TCM has never shown:


Freud- 1962 Directed by John Huston

Hold Back The Dawn-1941 Directed by Mitchell Leisen

The Great Gatsby- 1949 Directed by Elliott Nugent

Too Much, Too Soon- 1958 Directed by Art Napoleon


Have seen them before except for Gatsby, years ago on AMC [when that channel meant something]

and recorded a couple on VHS. Haven't seen Too Much, Too Soon [ worth seeing for Errol Flynn's Barrymore ] since KCOP Channel 13 Los Angeles showed it at least 20 years ago. And as an alternative choice, not that there would be one, 1951's Hollywood Story with Richard Conte. Probably haven't seen that since late 70's or early 80's.

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I'm pretty sure *Hold Back the Dawn* has been on TCM. Perhaps in a salute to either Olivia, Charles Boyer or Billy Wilder?


*The Great Gatsby* has long been tied up not so much in rights issues but because of the 1970s version starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Often when a film is remade, the original or former version gets buried in the vault. Disney did a similar thing with the 1940 version of *Swiss Family Robinson* starring Thomas Mitchell and Freddie Bartholomew.

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I have seen Hold Back the Dawn on TCM. Very good movie. They should of shown it when they did their salute to Goddard a while back.


The Ladd version of The Great Gatsby is a movie I would really like to see. i.e. it is a movie I have read about for years now but still have NOT seen!!! So say that Ladd is the best Gatsby out of the 3. Maybe so, but how can I know if I cannot see the film.



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> {quote:title=jamesjazzguitar wrote:}{quote}

> Are you joking here? I only ask because 3 of the 4 movies are on the movies TCM plays most often thread. Hey, great list of movies but I had just read that and then I see this.

Yes I am, James. Wanted to see if my list would raise any eyebrows. Glad to see it did yours! ;)

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I would love to be a TCM guest programmer! I could easily program an entire day of nothing but musicals ... ;)


jamesjazzguitar, I noticed you chose "Holiday," and unless there is another movie with the same title I am thinking of the Hepburn/Grant comedy. Ironically I was thinking of this movie even before I read your post. I really enjoy "Holiday" and I don't think it gets shown often enough - it seems to be overshadowed in popularity by "Bringing Up Baby," which I also enjoy.


But okay - 4 movies:


Singin' in the Rain (I know, you are thinking it's a cliched choice and overdone or what-have-you, but what can I say? It is my favourite movie of all time. :) )

The Gay Divorcee (because I have to include a Fred Astaire movie, and this was the first one I ever saw)

Now, Voyager ( my favourite Bette Davis movie)


And now I will cheat and add some backup choices ... ;)

On the Town

The Treasure of the Sierra Madra


Dead Ringer (another Bette Davis movie, and a good one)


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Holiday is my favorite of the Grant Hepburn movies and that is saying a lot since all of their movies were very good. I also picked it because it isn't shown as much as Baby or The Philly Story. Holiday is somewhat of a message movie but it does so in a very lighthearted way. I just love how Cary and Kate connect in that one.


Love your other choices. You will noticed I picked 2 Bette Davis movies. Both of these I picked because they are not shown as often as movies like Now Voyager or Dark Victory, and also because of Leslie Howard. An actor that wasn't overshadowed by the great Davis.





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Well anyone who has ever read any of my TCM Programming Challenge schedules know that my #1 pick would be the film I've been looking for a copy of for years:




But if I couldn't have any premieres (it's a Fox movie, after all), which I think is one of the criteria for the guest programmers, then as a musical fan I'd have to pick one of my all time favorite musicals. There are so darn many of them, so I'd have to narrow it down by picking something that isn't shown on TCM that much. I guess what I'm trying to say is:




But other than that I don't think I could resist the fact that three of my all-time favorite movies have similar titles:






This would exclude my favorite director of all time, Billy Wilder, so I might replace the most well known of those three, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, with the best of Wilder's obscure films:


FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO (forgot the year-- during WWII sometime)


But then I love Capra, too, so I don't know. I'd probably cut out the musical all together and show GRAVES instead.


Wow, good thing I don't actually have to make this decision.

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