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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!!! Sat Mar 3 through Sun Mar 11!!


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TCM Flix to Groove HARD to!!! Sat Mar 3 through Sun, Mar 11!!!


I've been away for a little while, so I thought I'd roll with a week plus a weekend this time, and there are SO many grooves to rock out to on TCM coming up, I can barely contain myself!!!


Saturday, Mar 3 kicks it right off hard with an early morning screening of the 1933 horror classic, ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, starring Charles Laughton, Richard Arlen, the lovely and alluring Leila Hyams, and the legendary Bela Lugosi in a brief, though iconic, role! If you've never seen this pre-code macabre flick, highly recommended!!! Next up, we have Racquel Welch showing us why she's well known to this day in the 1966 remake, ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.!!! Then a weekly Three Stooges flick on Saturdays---and this day of the week picks up right where it left off before Oscar's Month, rocking the house from the rooftops!!!--this time, HAVE ROCKET, WILL TRAVEL (1959)! Now, by the time the Stooges were making most of their post-shorts contract features, they were well past their rollickin' prime, and of course Joe DeRita, bless his heart, was no Curly or Shemp, but they are still fun to watch, and I dig 'em, Joe DeRita and all! :)


Saturdays are still the home of the "Lone Wolf", at least for one more round, as we end up with THE LONE WOLF AND HIS LADY (1949), with Ron Randell giving his best in a thankless job of replacing the outrageously cool Warren William in the lead role, and who doesn't dig on seeing Alan Mowbray give it up!! :)

And also the home of "Bomba The Jungle Boy" with Johnny Sheffield still kickin' it in the jungles of somewhere, this time from 1954 with THE GOLDEN IDOL!!!


This Saturday night, the theme is "Bands on the Run", and the one I'm most looking forward to checking out is one I've not seen before, HOLLYWOOD BARN DANCE from 1947!! Dig it!!


Sunday morning, first thing, of course, you wanna have some breakfast with Babs Stanwyck, Herbert Marshall, and DEFINITELY that sparky dame, Glenda Farrell, in the 1937 screwball BREAKFAST FOR TWO! Looking forward to it! And to book-end the day, Silent Sunday Night features are back, and with a vengeance, this time with Greta Garbo her own bad self in THE TEMPTRESS from 1926!!


Monday is just a nice return to classics, thank you, TCM! Just a very cool day, with flix like BOMBSHELL (1933) with Jean Harlow and my main man Lee Tracy; CHINA SEAS (1935) with Harlow again, this time mixing it up with Clark Gable, who shows up next in MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, also from 1935, and this time with Charles Laughton. Next up is ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS (1939) with Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Rita Hayworth, and my man Richard Barthelmess!!! Next up are a couple of classic cult flix, THE SHANGHAI GESTURE (1941) with Gene Tierney, Walter Huston and Victor Mature, followed by Jane Russell doing her thing in THE OUTLAW (1943)!! And to round out a day that just feels so darn good, who else but Bogie and Bacall doing their thing in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT (1944)! What a day! Nothing outrageous or new, just a day filled with 1930s and 1940s flix, just what this fan of those eras has been craving, and who better to fill that prescription than TCM, showing them clear and commercial-free! Yowza!!


Monday night is featuring British New Wave, and the flick I'm most looking forward to seeing is Dirk Bogarde in VICTIM from 1961! That looks sleazy and crime-ridden, doesn't it? Groove! :)


Now...Tuesday...daytime...if you dig the pre-code era...you will be totally rocking and grooving all day long!!! I mean ALL DAY!! WOW! If TCM was kinda getting us slowly back into the groove with Monday's lineup, we are fully revved up and ready to rock and roll on Tuesday!!! It's all in honor of one Guy Kibbee...now go out on the street and see who knows who the heck Guy Kibbee is??!! We do though and we love him, and TCM isn't pulling out the usual suspects, but a lineup of awesome flix many of them rarely screened on TCM!!! We kick off with LAUGHING SINNERS (1931) with Joan Crawford, Neil Hamilton and Clark Gable! Now how is that for a start, then we follow that up with SIDE SHOW (1931) with Winnie Lightner, Charles Butterworth, and Evalyn Knapp!!! Then Joe E Brown wants to join in the fun in FIREMAN, SAVE MY CHILD (1932), again with the lovely Evalyn Knapp! Gorgeous Ann Dvorak and my main man Lee Tracy mix it up next in THE STRANGE LOVE OF MOLLY LOUVAIN (1932), and this one, you don't want to miss, trust me!!! Next, the sexy and sassy Glenda Farrell mixes in with Lyle Talbot, Harold Huber and Ben Lyon in GIRL MISSING (1933), and can't get enough of that saucy dame, Glenda, cos she shows up yet again, this time with one of the sexiest dames in cinema, Joan Blondell, in HAVANA WIDOWS (1933), doing what they do best, fleecing the gents, and living the life!!! Next up, one of my favorites, that I can't wait to see again, THE SILK EXPRESS (1933) with Neil "Commissioner Gordon" Hamilton and Arthur Byron!! And rounding out the day, three from 1934, BIG HEARTED HERBERT, HAROLD TEEN, and last, but never least, THE MERRY WIVES OF RENO, with my girlfriend, (I wish!!), Glenda Farrell returning to sauce it up with another lovely dame, Margaret Lindsay, and one of my all-time faves, Ruth Donnelly!! Wooooooohhhhh!!! WOW! What a day, TCM!!!!


As if that wasn't rocking enough, the evening is all Jean Arthur, all the time! TALK OF THE TOWN (1942), HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT (1937), THE PUBLIC MENACE (1935) with George Murphy and Douglas Dumbrille, THE MORE THE MERRIER (1943), with TCM board fave Joel McCrea and Charles Coburn, and finally the Capra classic MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN (1936)!! Rock out!


Wednesday just looks like a day where I wanna check out some B and cult flix that I've never seen before--such as UNTAMED YOUTH (1957) with Mamie Van Doren!!!, THIS SIDE OF THE LAW (1950), with Vivica Lindfors!!, DEATH IN SMALL DOSES (1957) with Peter Graves and Chuck Connors, SUSPENSE (1946) with Barry Sullivan and Bonita Granville, SINCERELY YOURS (1955) with Liberace--what??!!! in a remake of THE MAN WHO PLAYED GOD, wow! The only flick I've ever seen before on this day is SMART WOMAN (1948) with Brian Aherne, Barry Sullivan and the gorgeous Constance Bennett, and it's not one I've seen in ages, so I'm looking forward to this crime flick! And finally ANGEL BABY (1961) and HAVING A WILD WEEKEND (1965)! All of these flicks, with a couple exceptions, look cheap, tawdry, low-budget and sleazy--yeah, bring 'em on! :)


Karl Malden is this month's Star, so if you dig him, check out every Wednesday night and overnight lineup! This week we are treated to RUBY GENTRY (1952), PARRISH (1961), BABY DOLL (1956), DEAD RINGER (1964), and the one I'm most looking forward to, MURDERER'S ROW (1966) with Dean Martin and Ann-Margaret in a 60s over-the-top campy spy romp! Gotta dig it, baby!


Karl Malden, party animal that he is, just doesn't know when to quit, so even when most of the world is waking up to a bright Thursday morning, Karl is still partying with Walter Pidgeon, John Hodiak and the sexy (and who wouldn't stay up to party with her!) Audrey Totter in the crime flick, THE SELLOUT (1951)!!! And then, PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE (1954), before Karl passes the baton to a day filled with some really groovy flix!!! THE BIG SLEEP (1946), natch!, followed by THEY MADE ME A FUGITIVE (1947) with Sally Gray and Trevor Howard, and one of my favorite noirs, ACT OF VIOLENCE(1949), with Robert Ryan, Van Heflin and Janet Leigh!!


Friday I'm grooving to The Mick in the first Andy Hardy flick, A FAMILY AFFAIR from 1936, when Lionel Barrymore his own bad self was the patriarch of the family. Another groove is Babs Stanwyck and George Brent in the rarely screened THE GAY SISTERS (1942)! Coolio!


We're back to another groovy Saturday, courtesy of TCM, this time with John Garfield and Patricia Neal in a remake of TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, THE BREAKING POINT (1950), a very different take on the novel than it's predecessor! And this week's Stooges flick is THE THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES (1962)!!!, followed by a new series, Boston ****, yay!!! This week the first of the 1940s Chester Morris entries, MEET BOSTON **** (1941)!!! And Bomba is still boogeying in KILLER LEOPARD (1954)!!


And finally, Sunday Mar 11, the Silent Feature is THE FLYING FLEET (1929) with Ramon Novarro and the lovely Anita Page!!


Can you dig it? I sure can!!! Thank you for being the greatest channel ever, TCM!!!! You guys rock!!!

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*Mark*, I'm so glad you're back with your Groovy weekly preview.


Like you, I'm looking forward to VICTIM, and daytime and primetime on Tuesday. Also BOSTON **** and I'm sure one or two others.


I just watched THE MORE THE MERRIER but I will no doubt see it again for my man Joel McCrea.

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Early Monday Morning, March 5, 4:30 AM Eastern Time:




A very good sci-fi mystery film.


One big overall story, and several unusual episodes of other stories, featuring the same cast.




Carl: "Then she disappeared... and she took the whole house with her."


Willie: "Where did she go?"


Carl: "She went back into the future."

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OK, I'll try to keep up, Daddy-o. The line-up does sound solid, Jackson! Now they're cookin' with gas!



I'm still trying to figure out if you're a "fan on speed", or just posting spam.






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I am also very happy to see you return! I have missed you very, very much!


I hope all will watch *La Jet?e* (1962) on Sunday night. It is a wonderful movie for twisting the brain.


It is only twenty-eight minutes long so it will not be a great sacrifice of time for any to watch it. The reviews for it on IMDB.com give it high praise.


I found it a powerful story told in a way that slips it under your brain's normal defenses. :)

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Thanks mbeck for the upcoming recommendations!


Your thread is more important than ever now that I'm off the teat & have to "pick & choose" what to record from MrTiki's cable. I had a few marked on my Now Playing schedule, but will add one or two more due to this thread, like oddly titled Strange Love of Molly Louvain.


If I still had cable, I'd most likely wile away the hours with the Stooges too. Ah, sacrifices.

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Good to see you back here, Mark!


I don't know if you've had the chance to see HOLLYWOOD BARN DANCE yet, but here's a comment I posted on another thread:



Give me a rarity like this over all the over-played big pretentious MGM & WB classics any time (especially post-1960!)


THANK YOU, TCM for digging this up for us!

I'd never seen it before and it's a highlight of the TCM month for me.


Dig this corny dialogue:


Ernest Tubb & his boys: We need money to rebuild a church.

Earle Hodgins: You guys don't look like the church-building type.

Ernest: But we're the guys who burned it down.

Hodgins: Arson?

Ernest: Well, the boss said it was arsonine!


(Quoted from memory...I didn't rewind to get the words exact).


Love that kind of stuff!



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Thank you, Tiki Soo!!!! I hope you get to watch some of the hot, hot, hot, smoldering, I tell ya!!!--pre-codes from Tuesday's daytime lineup! THE STRANGE LOVE OF MOLLY LOUVAIN is definitely one to check out, good choice!!! Please share what you think of it once you've had a chance to view it?

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This afternoon, "Twice Blessed" was really good. It was similar to "The Parent Trap", but it used real twins, the Wilde sisters. One was an intellectual and the other was a jitterbug girl. They switched parents and the fun began.

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> {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:}{quote}Today's lineup was out of sight!!! One of the best days EVER on TCM!!! I hope everyone had a chance to catch all or some of these pre-code flix, or have them on DVR for later grooving (like me)!!

I loved watching these films. Did anyone notice that Havana Widows seems to be a remake

of 1930's Life of the Party? I saw many similarities between the two.

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