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The Voting Thread: 21st Unofficial TCM Programming Challenge

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> {quote:title=musikone wrote:}{quote}

> Hint: try using the spell-checker.


My Spill Chequer


Eye halve a spelling chequer

It came with my pea sea

It plainly marques four my revue

Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word

And weight four it two say

Weather eye am wrong oar write

It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid

It nose bee fore two long

And eye can put the error rite

Its rarely ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it

I am shore your pleased two no

Its letter perfect in it's weigh

My chequer tolled me sew.

(Sauce unknown)

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That's funny, Sansfin.


I, too, had my share of typos and errors. Suspense was spelled Suspence and I called Susan Lennox: Her Fall and Rise, Susan Lennox: Her Rise and Fall. No doubt there are a few other errors. It's hard to catch them all after you've been staring at your schedule for days (or even weeks). I'm always concerned about formatting, so that the schedule is a little easier to read. It's too bad that we can only edit for twenty-four hours after we post.

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Wow, what a great turnout for the 21st Programming Challenge. I was so impressed by everyone's schedules and loved something in every program (well, actually I loved many things). Here are some highlights:


*JamesinArlington*: I want to see Frau im Mond, your silent selection. I loved the overall Christmas/Holiday theme, with its many aspects: Department stores, Postal service, etc. I'd love to see the Gloria Jean film: An Old-Fashioned Girl. I agree with you about The Grifters, one of my favorite neo-noirs. I just can't decide whether I like Angelica Huston or Annette Benning more. Your choice of Rocky Horror Picture Show is perfect for TCM Underground. Maybe my favorite part of your schedule is the inclusion of Jack Carson as SOTM.


*SansFin*: Your overall animal theme is hilarious. Spineless Gits?! It's a good thing I wasn't drinking liquid when I read that-it would have become a lovely spray! George Hamilton is an unusual choice for SOTM but I'll bite: he's been around for a long time and made quite a variety of films. I don't know if Laura or Double Indemnity is the better picture (I love them both) but both are preferable to Going My Way, in my book.


*Skimpole*: You had some great foreign titles on your list. I'd love to see many of them. Blade Runner is an excellent choice for TCM Underground. I'd also love to see 1928's Street Angel. Odd Man Out is a favorite film of mine. Am I correct that Tabu is your Essential? You didn't specifically mention it but it is in that Saturday spot. I've never seen it.


*Aimalac*: Congrats on your first schedule! I think that Martin and Lewis are an excellent choice as SOTM. I liked that you gave some well-deserved air time to Peter Falk. I got a little confused that you didn't program each day of SUTS as a 24-hour salute to each star but there's no law that says you have to do so. Even TCM may decide to vary the concept some day. Good Job!


*Sunny 75*: Another wonderful schedule. You succeeded in using Kingrat's theme for the entire challenge-not easy but isn't it amazing how many stellar films received no nominations?! It shows that the Academy Awards aren't entirely relevant. We obviously agree on City Lights as an unbelievable snub. I really like Thomas Mitchell as your SOTM.


*Bette Davis 19*: Welcome to the Challenges! You posted a lot of titles that I'd like to see: Orchids and Ermine and some of those other early 30s films. And, let's not forget all of those silents. I liked that you focused on the early films of Bette Davis too. Great job!


*Lonesome Polecat*: Babette's Feast is a great Import choice and Shadow of a Doubt is a wonderful Essential. You had so many fun themes, like "I am My Own Evil Twin". What is it it with the age-old fascination in twins and their differing, competing and similar personalities? Like Aimalac, you chose to do untraditional programming for what is usually TCM's Summer Under the Stars. I certainly didn't mind-it gives you more freedom to use August. Another great Schedule!


*Capuchin*: Great overall theme of "Authors and Apocalypse". I think that this may be your best schedule ever. It was interesting that you were able to use your SOTM, Greta Garbo, on Sunday. Few stars could be scheduled for a minimum of four films, TCM Import and the Silent. Of all of the authors, Vera Caspary is one of the most interesting choices. I had no idea that she wrote so much material. I knew of Laura, of course. At the recent Noir fest, there was a rare showing of one of her British-made films, Bedelia. Caspary didn't like what Hollywood did to her stories and turned to Britain instead. Terrific Job!


It took me a whittle down to my favorite four schedules but, in the long run, the winner of this Challenge is Capuchin.

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> {quote:title=countessdelave wrote:}{quote}

> It took me a whittle down to my favorite four schedules but, in the long run, the winner of this Challenge is Capuchin.


Wow! Thanks! I'm glad someone liked it. I was thinking this was my weakest schedule ever since I didn't do anything terribly clever as far as themes. I chose Garbo for SotM because, well, she's Garbo, and she's one of the few I could use on Sunday night to get the SotM night out of the way.


I've read all the schedules, and you're all to be congratulated! There is an imposing array of talent and knowledge shown in them.


And, of course, kingrat deserves praise for running a great challenge!

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Dear Kingrat,






Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of hosting the challenge this year! Hope to see you soon!















Everyone has spent so much time and energy working on these fantastic ideas! Congratulations on all your hard work!
































Sue X 2

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Coming down to the wire- it's my history with the Program Challenge- with a little over an hour left in the voting, I realized that the polls were, thankfully, still open.


A major shout-out to all the Challengers. I was reading long-ago posts by the founder of the Program Challenge, Path40a, this weekend. He would be so thrilled that all these years later the Challenge is still such an active part of this message board.


When he started the Challenge all those years ago, I doubt he realized it would have such legs.


And he would be so proud of all of you for not only carrying on this noble tradition but being so creative in the process.


I've been in your shoes, I know how difficult it can be to put together a schedule, let alone one as good as all the ones this time.


The downside of all of this is that a vote must be placed. In my world I would want all of you to win.


In the reality of TCM City, only one can.


The rules of the Challenge (and my affection for Kingrat) dictates that a vote must be placed.


So, in that regard, I place my vote for BetteDavis19 but wish that I could vote for all of you.


And major props to Kingrat for moderating another great Challenge.


All hail!!!!

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Many thanks to all of you who voted. This time we had nine contenders--and every one of you not just coulda been, but really is a contender--the most we've had since I started entering challenges about three years ago. We had quality as well as quantity. Almost everyone who voted mentioned what a tough time it was to pick only one favorite. Everyone who entered received at least 1 vote. As I was counting the votes this morning, at one point we had a five-way tie for first.


With all precincts reporting:


Capuchin - 1

skimpole - 1

sunny75 - 1

aimalac - 1

SansFin - 2

BetteDavis19 - 2

Lonesome Polecat - 2

JamesinArlington - 2


*And the winner is . . .*


countessdelave - 4


Congratulations to our Countess and much "l'amour" for her schedule. Countess, in addition to being our next moderator, I owe you a drink at the festival. Congratulations!



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I won?!


Thank you so much to all who voted for me but the biggest thanks go to Kingrat, who ran a stellar and fun Challenge. It was a great theme and there were so many terrific schedules. I hope that he'll be entering the next Challenge.


Kudos to everyone who entered. I loved reading all of your schedules. There were some brilliant ideas in them and I'm sure that the Programmers had fun perusing them. Take our ideas: please! It's the ultimate compliment.

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Congratulations Countessdelave!


I believe all the schedules were excellent. It has been shown by the vote that yours is twice as excellent!


I hope you will take a moment to savor your victory and then begin to plot what bedevilment of a Challenge you will set for us! ;)


All who entered deserve congratulations for their work and wit. I do hope the TCM programmers do take away many ideas from these schedules.


I wish to thank kingrat for setting and running a wonderful Challenge.

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Thanks for your congratulations, LP, Filmlover and Sansfin. I'm not sure of when the next Challenge will commence-certainly not before July 1st. It could be July, August or September. Any feedback? I'd like to try to pick a time that's good for as many potential participants (and myself) as possible.


And, hopefully, Kingrat and I will share a beverage together at the Festival in April. Great job with this Challenge, Kingrat.

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Countess, I agree with Lonesome Polecat. The next challenge should be whenever is convenient for you.


And I look forward to sharing a libation with you at Club TCM in a little over three weeks.


Thank you again to all who participated, and thank you for your kind words. I hope TCM borrows liberally from all these schedules.

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