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Baby Doll (1856), what an enjoyable insane movie.


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I watched the nutty Karl Malden movie "Baby Doll" (1956) and lol what a piece of work - that household.


Upon release it was called notorious, salacious, revolting, dirty, steamy, lewd. They left out insane and crazy! :^0


Really enjoyed it but there was one important element left out of the movie.....


A wrecking ball



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It's hard to believe that the god awful Baby Doll is an Tennessee Williams play. The over-the-top performances by Karl Malden, Eli Wallach and Caroll Baker turn the movie into an unintentional parody of the Southern gothic literary genre. How did the great director Elia Kazan end up with such a bizarre mess of movie? The writting, acting and direction are so uniformly dreadful, Baby Doll deserves cult status as a serious drama that is so bad, it's only entertainment value is as a satircal comedy.


The long unedited scene between Wallach and Baker at the water pump and in the abandonned car is crammed with laugh-out-loud Freudian imagery in the dialogue. It's such an odd and striking contrast to Kazan's successful use of method acting techinques in his directoral tour de force of another Tennessee Williams play, A Streetcar Named Desire." Equally strange is the fact that Baby Doll was a huge box office success and made a major star out of Caroll Baker, who was at best, a mediocre actress.

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And I thought I was the only person who didn't like this movie! I bought a boxed set of films based on Tennesee Williams' plays and *Baby Doll *was included in the set. It was so bad that I gave it away to a Carroll Baker fan (one actually exists); I knew I would never watch it again......................:_|

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I remember reading about what a notorious movie this was before I ever

saw this turkey. Then I did see it. What a piece of dreck. It doesn't even

stand up as a piece of camp, or a so bad it's good movie. It's just so bad

period. 1856 is right. When you watch it, it seems like it has been going

on that long.

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My impression, leans to darkblue's line of thought.

I loved the atmoshpere of antebellum decay, and god help me.. I felt a little breathless..

at the interplay between Wallach and Baker on the rickety two seat swingy thingy, as he worked her tiny miniscule brain into a frenzy..

Fun twisted little movie.

The cherry on top: a fly lands on Maldens nose, as if on cue..

during one Epic meltdown in the kitchen.

Karl never breaks character, not even a flutter of an eyelash..

I respect that..


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