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I'm posting this thread as a tribute to an actor that means the world to me, and I would like to do it while he is still with us (76 years old now). I'm referring to the LEGENDARY Burt Reynolds.


I first saw Burt in "Smokey and the Bandit" on those first series of laserdiscs they made in the late 70's. So Burt and I go back to around 1979. I was 14 years old back then, and seriously, what 14 year old boy ISN'T going to love SATB and everything in it!


The COOL car (Trans-Am) the CUTE girl (Sally Field) the FUNNY sheriff (Jackie Gleason) the GREAT tunes (Jerry Reed) and the hilarious plot of transporting 400 cases of Coors beer across state lines!


I would like to remind all movie fans the following things that Burt Reynold's made COOL in the 70's:


1) Owning a Trans-Am

2) Owning a classic mustache

3) Bootlegging

and MOST important of all

4) Playing football in prison against guards!


I read a comment somebody left on the IMDB website, and it sums up my feelings for Burt pretty good: "Burt Reynold's wasn't one of those musclebound action stars like Schwarzenegger or Stallone. He was just an average guy you found yourself rooting for." Thank you Burt.

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Burt certainly had a run of big hit movies in that time period. Some were quite entertaining, others were really bad (I wanted to walk out in the middle of Cannonball Run 2). *The Longest Yard* , *Hooper* , and *The End* were the best Burt movies in that period IMO. The best Burt car flick is definitely *White Lightning* , saw that in the theatre and was very impressed, I was just starting to drive around that time. After *Sharky's Machine* (a good film as well) I think Burt's movies took a bad tumble, it took years for him to recover and it took tv to make that happen. Burt would make a good guest for a TCM night.

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