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Fatal (or Not!) Attraction


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And weren't we all relieved in the audience to think that Scarlett was finally going to marry Rhett Butler, thinking that they would finally be happy together ... little did we know.





Correct, flashback?

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Now that I look back, flash, I like your first description about Rhett looking at Scarlett as if he knew what she looked like without her shimmy. And when she let loose with the vase--one of the best introductions to the protagonists of any film!



How about a more recent film now, made in the 60s, but this one has a different twist. This time it's the girl who is afraid of commitment, not the guy. The movie is set in NYC and they become neighbours. She throws a mean party and, like most women, she loves to shop.



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Little dialogue. And the conversations are not about the fascination at the core of the story. Some discussions about Music. References to a fear of an outbreak of Pleague. Lingering shots of the man, watching. Most of the core story takes place in his facial expressions, and they are minimal.

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A new fatal attraction film, perhaps more appropriate: Late 1960s.


Middleage man, much younger girlfriend. Her family are leaving that part of the country due to legal situations locally, and they have her with them. He takes a short cut, stops them, and has a roadside confrontation. They insist all are leaving; "Arrangement's over." He is holding his own in a fight with her father and her brother, when she pitches in -- on their side. This stops him, stunned.


They pile back in their truck and drive away. He's on his knees on the side of the road, staring after them as a rain starts. Then the credits start rolling and a famous voice starts the Theme-and-Title song that is some fifteen years older than the movie itself.


Title? Cast member or members??

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It's a rollercoaster ride of emotions following the meeting of an upscale girl and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks.


She's a real lady and can be a real b****. He's a streetwise bum, but can be charming.


Changes she doesn't understand are happening at home. Soon she is feeling abused and turns to the bum for solace. He wines and dines her. She laps it up. He treats her like a dog, but she likes it. They spend the night together.


While on a spree, the law gets involved. He gets away, she doesn't. Her posh ways get her a hard time in lock-up until another inmate helps her. Turns out she also knows the bum...and so do a lot of other ladies.


She is released on a home release program and the bum is soon back in the picture. A misunderstanding results in another call to the law. This time, he gets carted off. Like "The Fugitive," he escapes.


Luckily, the misunderstaning is soon settled. The couple move into the girl's home and begin to raise their own family.







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