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Fatal (or Not!) Attraction


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*PracMag* also involves good writing and dialogue. Examples:


"What would you do?"

"What wouldn't I do? For the right guy."


"Well, he is kind of cute, in a Penal System sort of way."


Closing narration includes: "Put rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can."



Mid-1990s film. A love spanning decades. A high-school romance, apposed by her mother and by his father. Separation, marriages for both, both ending in divorce. Met again in their maturity. All this riding on a murder mystery that was solved a generation after it happened.

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Clues came slowly, over decades. They were a long time figuring it out. Her mother was fairly tolerant socially, but she forbade her the company only of that boy. His father, in like manner named only that girl as one he should not socialize with. Only years later did they put the facts together to conclude that their parents had an affair, and that they had the same father. Mexican lass, Gringo lad.


They put this together with other facts. They had never known this in the past, and it did not feel like incest. Complications in her last pregnancy had left her unable to have more children, so there was no reason fear on that score. No one else knew, no one was left alive who cared. And they still cared deeply for each other. They decided to continue as lovers who had rediscovered each other.


The story had started with the discovery in the desert of a skeleton, and a damaged badge nearby. The age of the remains put the death some 40 years in the past. These subplot points came as bytheway facts in the investigation that ensued.

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Not *Green Mile*. Location: A Texas county on the Mexican border. Some of the local Mexicans are illegals. There are ethnic tensions there, and also tensions among the personnel at the local Army base. These had been much worse in the earlier era when the murder was committed.

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Boy meets girl.


Boy loses girl.


Boy and girl are reunited years later.


Girl is rich with a glamour job.


Boy is rich with a boozy wife and a couple of kids.


Boy and girl pick up where they left off.


Boozy wife finds out and pitches a hissy.


Boy and Boozy end up dead.


Girl ends up with the kids.

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Uhh, thanks. Actually, I thought Sixes was focused on the mid-1980s film named *Lust in the Dust*, with Tab Hunter and Divine. For all I knew, it could have been that one. All I remember about it is where the treasure map was found. Anyway...


The subject of this thread justifies the inclusion of an "eratomania" plot, and I've been looking for a suitable one. The two best that come to mind -- one is foreign and the other is a TVM. I settled on this one.


He figured a brief fling; she thought it was lifetime possession. She wasn't going to accept "No." It got to the point of being dangerous for anyone else who came into his life. Early 1970s.



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