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Fatal (or Not!) Attraction


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Thanks, Sixes. Two other little factoids:


(1) This movie (1947) should not be confused with the other seven movies I found that were also entitled *Black Gold*. The subject matter of these films seem to range from oil to coal to coffee.


(2) There are a few shreds of fact in the story. 1924's Kentucky Derby winner, named Black Gold, was entered by the widow of an oil-rich Oklahoma Indian, at her late husband's request. The jockey was an Irishmen, not Chinese.


Got nothing at the moment. Open thread.

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That's a good question...I may have seen it. I know I saw Bird on a Wire (Goldie was great). That's where I came across Deceived.



The scene is 1924 aboard a weekend cruise celebrating one of the guest's birthday. He winds up murdered because of mistaken identity wearing the hat of one of the guests. Name the movie and circumstances surrounding this ??? murder.



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Thanks, Sixes. Next up:


1950s. Color. Developed from a stage source. A same-gender fascination, suppressed and unadmitted. It is in the past, as of this story's action, because one partner had committed suicide (high window). These events are revealed in conversations in the present story. The other partner, a married man, is an alcoholic, slowly destroying himself, to the despair of his wife.

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Down at some 30 Views, Sixes. The absent, deceased "Skipper", friend and teammate of Brick (Paul Newman) may have been his first love, perhaps never even consimated. There is at one point a suggestion that Maggie (Elizabeth Taylor) had come between Brick and Skipper.


People who have studied the stage script in a Lit class, and have then seen the film treatment, are aware that the stage version makes this point more clearly.


Sixes' thread.

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