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Do we get a program with all the screening times and locations?


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Hello Rachel -


Congrats on being a first-time Classic Film Festival attendee. You're gonna have a grand time.


Yes, there will be a schedule published with all the screenings, presentations and other events taking place at any given time.


In years past, TCM publishes a commemorative program for the Film Festival. This is a large format "book" with articles about many of the themes and events taking place at the Festival. There is also a "pocket guide" which lists all the films and the special guests attending the screenings by date, time and location. You'll also find a very useful "grid" display covering the line-up for the whole weekend in the "pocket guide."


The preliminary "grid" listings should also be available as a printable PDF file at the Festival website soon. TCM has made it available there in the past and I expect it will do the same this year. But items listed so early may change before the start of the Festival. (A change of venue or change in time, etc.)


And I think TCM even releases a Festival "app" for smart phones.


Even though it might not be complete or completely up-to-date before you leave for Hollywood, I recommend checking out (and printing) the preliminary "grid" listings before you arrive. If you are like every other attendee during the past two Film Festivals, you are gonna encounter "Festival Frustration" - the realization that two or more events you want to attend are happening at the same time.


The advice I like to give when confronted with competing events is to just make a choice and attend that one believing that it will be a unique and memorable event. Because it will be. That is always true. Don't regret your choice or decision.


You are going to have a wonderful weekend in Hollywood.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Hi 'svein' -


Another inaugural attendee! Good for you. I was wondering where all the first-timers were?


I expect TCM will release a preliminary "grid schedule" soon. In the past, it has been released around the three-weeks-away mark.


One can see and read details for all the events announced so far at the Film Festival website - including the events happening at "Club TCM" that weekend. Everyone can start to compile a list of "first-choice" events that one wants to take in. (The Thief Of Bagdad? Check!)




Besides all the dates and times for "Club TCM" events, TCM has announced that the filmed interview with Kim Novak will take place on Friday, April 13th. (Probably in the afternoon. And it will likely last at least two hours.The O'Toole interview filming in 2011 lasted that long.) And her Footprints ceremony will take place Saturday morning around 10:00am. If those interest one, you can pencil those in. But we don't yet know when *Vertigo* is being screened.


*Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs* is being screened on Saturday at 1:00pm at Grauman's Chinese. And *20,000 Leagues Under The Sea* with Kirk Douglas in attendance is being shown Friday at 2:45pm, also at the Chinese Theater.


Here's some general "guidelines" based on the first two Classic FIlm Festivals that should apply this year too.


Plan for the Opening Night reception at the Hollywood Roosevelt to start around 5:00pm with the Gala for *Cabaret* starting about an hour or two later.


In general, Friday/Saturday/Sunday screenings will typically start around 9:00am and continue throughout the day with last screenings beginning as late as Midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. (8:00pm on Sunday night.)


I hope these few details and experiences from past editions of the Classic Film Festival give you a better idea of what to expect.


I wish there were more specifics. But it will happen soon. I'm hoping that there is one more significant announcement of events to come which is causing the delay before TCM releases the schedule grid. But I don't know.


Just keep in mind that whatever is released early is "subject to change" - especially in terms of times and locations for film screenings.


I hope you are excited. You are going to have a very memorable weekend.

That I DO know.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Thanks Kyle -



Definitely some Club TCM stuff that I want to see esp. the 'home movies', as well as the handprint ceremony. Am I getting excited?...I've been blissed out since I booked my room at the Roosevelt in September! Thanks again for the information; I want to be able to hit the ground running!






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Hi, Kyle. I'm another newbie (I spoke with you once on the phone and hope to put a face to your name at the Festival--only 19 days left to D-Day). Please rest assured that we first-time attendees are here and are VERY excited about attending our first TCM Film Festival. A number of us have already joined the facebook page *Going to TCM Festival!* (feel free to join us) and are getting our questions answered by previous attendees who can say, "Been there, done that." They are a great help in giving us a good idea what to expect. We are all awaiting the release of the schedule with bated breath ...






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Hi Rachel, 'svein' and 'Carol' -


Glad to be of help. I am happy to know you're experiencing anticipation, "excitement", and "bliss". Those feelings will last through the final day of the Festival - when they are replaced with disbelief and sadness that it is all over. But we can't be wistful yet.


So "Facebook" is the gathering spot for this year's "virgins", huh? That's cool. I know some of those folks in that group and know they can offer advice as good - if not better - as I.


And 'Carol', I don't want to take credit for something I didn't do. I don't work for TCM or the Film Festival. So you and I haven't spoken on the phone. I'm just a member that hangs out here and who has attended the first two editions of the Film Festival.


But I am glad to know you had a pleasant encounter with a staffer. All the TCM'ers I've ever met were extraordinarily friendly folks. If the opportunity arises, I recommend all attendees say hello to any TCM staffer they encounter over the four days. This weekend is a "big deal" for them also and they are looking forward to meeting the fans of the channel that weekend too. And there are lots of them in town.



2011 Festival Staff Photo

Photo Courtesy TCM Festival Website


By Sunday, you'll recognize them. They are manning the Information Desk, the Gift Shop and making announcements at all the screenings. And if you are in town early enough, attend the "Meet The Staff" event in Club TCM on Thursday. The nicest and most talented folks in television.


And to bring this back to the "schedule" and "Program Guide", here's what the guiide looked like in 2010.



Photo Courtesy of TCM Festvial Website


I'm looking forward to meeting everyone too. I hope our paths cross next month.


Kyle In Hollywood

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"a list of "first-choice" events"


I'm all about that 3-D thing.


"I expect TCM will release a preliminary "grid schedule" soon"


If you've got a smartphone, or even an android (note iPhone elitism here), the TCMFF app is *indispensable*. You need festival info on the go, and your phone is the place to go.


"Plan for the Opening Night reception at the Hollywood Roosevelt to start around 5:00pm with the Gala for Cabaret starting about an hour or two later."


I'll be hanging out at the pool with beers. Et tu, Kyle?


"Just keep in mind that whatever is released early is 'subject to change' - especially in terms of times and locations for film screenings."


Most important, your schedule will change. Kyle gave great advice last year when he suggested you pay attention to those things you can only do at the Festival. Feet in wet cement. Interviews with icy blondes. And, best of all, talking to those around you in line and in your seats (not during the movie, please). Keeping a degree of spontaneity is a real value.


Now, the one piece of advice I can offer...Starbucks Doubleshot is a significant aid to your late-night viewing activities. Just drink it around 10pm so you won't be bouncing off walls during a midnight showing of *The Wolfman* or something like that.


David in Seattle

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Hi David -


Thanks for the reminder about attendees taking in at least one completely unique event during the weekend. I don't think we can stress that enough. The Classic Film Festival offers up some truly "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunities for its guests.


When else will one have the chance to attend a "Footprints Ceremony" at the Chinese Theater (Kim Novak's, no less.), watch "Star Home Movies" direct from the archives of the Motion Picture Academy or see an authentic "Cinerama" screening of *How The West Was Won* on the curved screen of the iconic Cinerama Dome Theater? I also recommend taking in one of the two silent films screened with live musical accompaniament - if one is open to watching a silent film. How often does that opportunity arise?


I've heard the Festival's smartphone app is a handy thing to have. Updates and announcements occur all weekend so it can be very helpful. But, for anyone without a smartphone, don't fret. The Festival has a video display in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel detailing any changes or additions. Plus, TCM staffers are making announcements before every screening. Last year everyone found out about the attendance of Drew Barrymore and Julie Andrews at screenings Thursday night. (And suddenly large numbers of folks were re-thinking their "plans of attack" for the Festival.)


Also, in past years the Festival left some schedule slots on Sunday "open" which were filled with repeat screenings of films that were too popular to accomodate all those in line for the first showing. Hopefully that policy will continue this year. If you couldn't get in to a screening (especially those in one of the smaller theaters), there is a possiblity that it will be shown again on Sunday.


And for first-timers that may not be aware, there are other Thursday Night screenings planned for those not attending the Opening Night Gala for *Cabaret*. You'll have the chance to catch a film or two that first night.


*"I'll be hanging out at the pool with beers. Et tu, Kyle?"* - David


I'm game. I enjoyed our time there last year - even though you bolted early to watch a Mavericks game. <wink> And Lynn and I will likely be at the Bromberg 3-D event too.


I like your admonition to be spontaneous once in a while and to say "hello" to those around you. I know you've made good friends by doing that yourself.


And if one wants a photo with Robert Osborne or Ben Mankiewicz, you'll have the chance. When not hosting screenings, they are making the rounds. I think Robert Osborne made a trip through Club TCM every evening last year.


Now, if only we knew where that "grid" was.


Kyle In Hollywood


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Great suggestion about silent films. My love of silent film is in development, and I can't think of anywhere to better nurture it than the Festival. They present films with such loving attention, it expands horizons for the willing.


At the first FF, after chowing down on a chili dog at Pink's, I slipped into the Egyptian for a showing of *Safety Last* . It was a real aha! moment for me. That was just a 3-hour slice of four amazing days.


Best thing? We get to do it again in just a couple of weeks.


David in Seattle

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