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One (Last?) Update and THE GRID Released!

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The Wait Is Over. And it was worth it.


It looks like today's update and schedule release has filled out the entire line-up for the Film Festival. The few TBAs on Sunday should be reserved for repeats of screenings that were "sold out" during the previous three days.


While there are some big surprises - like *Auntie Mame* with Todd Oldham in attendance, Mel Brooks speaking about *Young Frankenstein* and an Architecture in Film series - the schedule also has some other really special films that may be easily overlooked.


But first, the bad news. Two films that were previously announced have been removed because of unforeseen circumstances. *All Quiet On The Western Front* and *The Godfather II* are no longer scheduled. Also Dick Van Dyke is no longer introducing the Laurel & Hardy shorts because of an unexpected schedule conflict. That last bit of news was disappointing for e as I was really looking forward to hearing him speak about Stan Laurel. But being able to see the entire line-up erases that disappointment. Quickly.


Scattered among the big films in the big theaters lies Cecil B. DeMille's *Cleopatra* starring Claudette Colbert - A really BIG film with outrageous costumes by Festival "Honoree" Travis Banton.


Copy of CleopatraStill01


The Festival is showing a small William Wyler film, *Counsellor-At-Law* starring John Barrymore, Warren William and Melvyn Douglas. The film will be introduced by Douglas' granddaughter Illeana who is making her third appearance at the Classic Film Festival.


Copy of CounsellorAtLawStill02


The Festival has added a surprise to the "Discoveries" series with the inclusion of *Lonesome*, a silent that has been compared positively with both *Sunrise* and *The Crowd*. Definitely a film to consider seeing.


Copy of Lonesome1928LRG


Oh. Did I mention that *Cleopatra* is being introduced by Deborah Noodalman Landis and Bob Mackie?


Copy of CleopatraStill03


and Saturday morning we can take in a "comedy-noir" mystery with a screening of *Who Done It?* starring Abbott and Costello.


Copy of WhoDoneIt1942LRG


But before I forget, the Film Festival is showing the over-the-top *Cleopatra* Thursday night.


Copy of CleopatraStill02


Alright. Alright. I know I am repeating myself. I had all these images from *Cleopatra* and had to find a way to post them.


There is so much more to take in. *Moonstruck* with Norman Jewison. Walter Mirsch and his first film, *Fall Guy*, *Night And The City*, *The Grapes Of Wrath*. And *Rosemary's Baby*. Seriously. The 2012 Classic Film Fesitval looks outstanding. And the best part? I don't know how they will do it but the staff will stll exceed everyone's expectations.


Kyle In Hollywood

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I totally agree, it was worth the wait!


I am thrilled that *Wings* will now have not only A.C. Lyles introducing the film but now the dreamy Bill Wellman has been added to the mix!


See me smile, big time!!!!!


The Academy's presentations in Club TCM, especially the Home Movies presentation on Saturday evening, cool!!!


*Frankenstein* with John Carpenter introducing, I'm a big fan of Carpenter's especially since his first Festival two years ago.


"It's Chinatown, Jake" vs. "He was MY boyfriend!"


As much as I love *Chinatown* (being the City of Angels girl I am), the opportunity to see *Young Frankenstein* on film on the big screen at the Egyptian- I've seen both on the big screen more than once- but I think *YF* gets the nod here.


Walter Mirisch introducing his first film, *Fall Guy*, I adore this guy and can't wait to see him and hear him talk about his career in person!


*Hollywood Home Movies* from the Academy sounds great!


And I am curious to see what the half hour 18th birthday party for TCM is all about.


*A Night to Remember* on the night the great ship sank, WOW!


*How the West Was Won* in true Cinerama on the screen at the Dome, you know where to find me on Sunday morning!


And everyone will get to enjoy Doug, Sr in one of his best films (with beautiful set decoration by William Cameron Menzies) on the big screen at Grauman's with the Mont Alto Orchestra. Heaven!!!!


I wonder, will the Sinatra sisters, Tina and Nancy, be introducing *High Society* or maybe someone more regal?

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You two put such a sunny face on it. Tell me, how is anyone supposed to be happy being forced to decide between the Bromberg 3-D program and Snow White? Isn't there a film watchers Humane Society?


David in Seattle

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Kyle-Thanks for making my choices harder!...thought I was going to Sabrina Thurs. night, but now you've got me considering Cleopatra. What a wonderful dilemma! I also want to say how much I appreciate your posts. Always full of great information and kind & patient with us newbies...I'm going to have an amazing time at the festival and you've contributed to that.






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'svein' and David -


Are 'lzcutter' and I coming across like Pollyanna and her "Glad game"? We don't mean to.


After the first year and its difficult schedule conflicts, I learned the value of making a decision, embracing my choice and being completely certain that I'm going to have a remarkable experience. The Festival is too big and too much fun to fret over which events one decides to see.


And David. Are you truly "surprised"? You were the one that labelled me "the Zen Master" a few posts ago. Ohm.


Sorry I've thrown a wrench into your Thursday evening plans, 'svein'. I think *Sabrina* would be a fine choice.


Did you hear the one about the chauffeur's daughter?


Copy of SabrinaStill03


And I think the film is the perfect metaphor for the Film Festival weekend. Decisions. Decisions. What will the chauffeur's daughter choose to do? Can she find her happiness with a "bottle blonde" or with a hamburg hat?


Copy of SabrinaStill01


Copy of SabrinaStill02

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Dear Zen Master,


For many of us raised in Judaism (or Catholicism, for that matter) the FF presents an excellent opportunity for self-abuse over choices made and options lost. Thank you for keeping me in touch with my roots, TCM!


Actually, I had not thought about TCM's clever choice of *Sabrina* as a metaphor for the angst of choices. I guess that's exactly why you are ... THE ZEN MASTER.


David in Seattle

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{font:Calibri}Hi everyone…{font}



{font:Calibri}I am new to the message board. I love TCM and am absolutely thrilled about going to the festival. I've wanted to go ever since it started and I'm really so excited about the whole thing.


Why oh why do they have to show “Nothing Sacred” at the same time as the Kim Novak interview with Robert Osborne? I would love to see Carole on the big screen. She is my favorite actress. But the Kim Novak interview is a once in a lifetime experience. I'm looking foward to seeing The Macomber Affair. I love Joan Bennett's film noir phase.{font}



{font:Calibri}Does anyone know if there will be more poolside screenings than what was listed on the grid? I was hoping they would show some movies that we may miss during the day from the theatres out by the pool. I’ve enjoyed your posts (hlywdkjk, SueSue and IZCutter) and I'm look forward to meeting you. Below are a couple links of articles I wrote on Lombard and the Bennett sisters. -Dina









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Hello Dina -


Thanks for the compliments. It's nice to hear folks are reading them.


The choice between *Nothing Sacred* and the Kim Novak Interview is a difficult one to make. The screening of *Nothing Sacred* does feature the recent restoration of the film which, I hear, has made the public domain film positively sparkle. Yet, being offered the chance to watch Robert Osborne conduct an interview with Kim Novak is, as you said, a truly "once-in-a-lifetime" event.


I don't know what other events you are thinking about attending during the weekend but I always tell attendees to take in at least one event that they will _only_ experience at the Classic Film Festival. And the Novak interview definitely qualifies as one of those.


As to the poolside screenings, there is only that one such screening on Thursday night. There are other guests in the hotel besides Film Festival attendees so I bet the hotel wasn't anxious to lease the pool to TCM for the entire weekend. Last year Ben Mankiewicz did some filming in the pool area on Friday and Saturday mornings but I haven't heard if that will happen again this year.


You will have the opportunity to catch repeat screenings of a handful of films on Sunday. That's what all those "TBA" boxes are for on the festival grid schedule. But which films those might be isn't announced until Saturday. And this year, the Festival has pre-scheduled a few film with two screenings - *Call Her Savage* & *Trouble In Paradise*. But that might change.


I, too, hope we meet one another next month. There is a nice crew of stalwart Message Board members attending the Film Festival again this year - including SueSue. In past years, by the end of the weekend SueSue seems to have met everyone and I expect she will be doing the same this year. I bet you two will cross paths somewhere over the four days in Hollywood.


Thanks for responding to our posts and if you have any other questions, be sure to post them. We'll give you the best advice we can offer.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Welcome to the message boards and congratulations on going to the Festival this year!


I can't believe it's less than two weeks away!!


One thing to keep in mind concerning the Kim Novak interview- if this interview is like the Luis Rainer or Peter O'Toole interviews in previous years, TCM will be taping this interview to air sometime in the near future.


Luis Rainer's interview was aired the following January, 2011 and O'Toole's interview will air the night before the Festival begins this year.


Don't know if that helps make the choice any easier but I did want to chime in.


Thanks so much for the kind words and I hope we get the chance to meet. I tend to hang out with Kyle and Sue Sue so that ups the odds considerably!

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