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Most tearful film endings


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"Les parapluies de cherbourg" with Catherine Deneuve


"A Farewell to Arms" Jennifer Jones and Rock Hudson


Madame X


"The More the Merrier" the scene where they might not be together and are saying goodbye...and then realize that the wall was missing. I was crying that they almost werent together.




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i agree - imitation of life. but, here's an even better one: when whoopie goldberg is standing on her porch and looks down the road and sees all those colorful african dresses blowing in the wind and we realize it's her sister coming home after all these years - well, i just lose it every time. the color purple. does anyone have a kleenex?

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"So Proudly We Hail!" made me cry many many times.

Also, I recently saw "Dear Frankie" with Emily Mortimer and Gerard Butler; there were a couple scenes that made me cry, but I cried like a baby at the end. I know it's not a "classic" movie, but it's not like most of the junk Hollywood churns out these days. It definitely tops my favorite film list.

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The endings of these two films, which I saw first-run in the movie theatres, crushed me. I have see both subsequently via video and they still find them wrenching: DANCES WITH WOLVES-- a visually remarkable film --- and when you realize that this coda is not only about the personal loss of the characters in the film, but the end of a civilization, the emotions are overwhelming. THE TREE OF THE WOODEN CLOGS (Italian with subtitles) --- one of those films you either love or hate. I love it! A simple, brooding, even plodding film that captures life among Italian peasants in the late 19th century; the actors in the film are peasants. It's breathtaking in it's spiritual grasp and the finish is crushing.




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I think TCM should have a Tearjerker marathon weekend and play the most requested movies on this topic.

I agree with most of those that have been mentioned from the classic era, especially these ones:

Captains Courageous

Three Came Home

Waterloo Bridge

Stella Dallas

Imitation Of Life (Lana Turner Version)

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Imitation of Life- The seen in the hotel room with Jaunita Moore and Susan Kohner just kills me. Also Mahalia Jackson's voice could bring anyone to tears.

These Three

The Children's Hour

Waterlou Bridge

I Want To Live

To Each His Own- it's more heartfelt than sad

The Ending of The Loved One made me cry though the ending in the book was quite comical.

There must be more . I love tear Jerkers

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I totally agree with classicsfan1119 about Spartacus' ending - it clears my sinuses every time. It's another one of my top ten I forgot to mention.


Also, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - it's soooo beautiful!


I also agree with the person who cries about the lost kitty near the end of Breakfast at Tiffany - also another ending so sweet I have to cry, but I'm a good cryer!


And what about Death in Venice!


I also agree about Wuthering Heights. It gets embarrassing, really.

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Not all are endings, but here are some of my lump-in-the-throat moments...


When Jimmy Stewart goes back to the house for the Capra-ending in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE


When Kevin Costner asks his father to play catch near the end of FIELD OF DREAMS


When you see the little robot watering the plants at the end of SILENT RUNNING


the end of Beat Takeshi's KIDS RETURN when Shinji asks Masaru if they're "finished" (i.e. washed-up), and Masaru replies, "hell no, we haven't even started!"


When Oprah Winfrey looks up and you see the scar on her eye in THE COLOR PURPLE.


when Ben Affleck drives up to Matt Damon's house and finds it empty in GOOD WILL HUNTING


the end of AU REVOIR, LES ENFANTS when the school master says "goodbye my children" as the Nazi's take him away


When Chow-Yun-Fat reappears as a limping parking attendant in A BETTER TOMORROW.


Jackie Cooper's reaction when Wallace Beery tries to leave him in THE CHAMP


When the Khmer Rouge kid says to Dith Prahn, "Mercedes, number 1" in THE KILLING FIELDS


The freeze-frame ending to GALLIPOLI


When Miho Nakayama sees what's on the back of library card in Shunji Iwai's LOVE LETTER


and completely agree with Mr. Skeffington, Waterloo Bridge, and Imitation of Life.

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1. A Star is Born (Garland)

2. Maytime (MacDonald)

3. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Tierney)

4. Midnight Lace (Day)

5. Angels with Dirty Faces (Cagney)

6. BitterSweet (MacDonald)

7. Leave Her to Heaven (Tierney)

8. and I'll Be Seeing You (Rogers)

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The ending to All This and Heaven too. I always cry at this movies ending.

Original Tale of Two Cities. When Sidney is going to die, and he helps the frigthened seamstress. They just do not make movies like these anymore.

Petrified Forest. Lesilie Howard going to his death to make Betty Davis wish to be a artist studying in Paris a realitiy. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You mentioned three of Hollywood's best! If your "Tale of Two Cities" is the Ronald Coleman version (I know...a lot of other people are cast in the movie--but, any movie with Ronald Coleman is a Ronald Coleman movie), you might look for the next TCM broadcast of the 1958 "Tale of Two Cities" starring Dirk Bogarde. This British production is pretty lavish and, of course, has a typically wonderful all-British cast.


My contribution to the thread:


"Killing Fields", the reunion of Dith Pran and Sydney Schanberg.


Sydney Schanberg: You forgive me?

Dith Pran: Nothing to forgive Sydney. Nothing.



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Come Back Little Sheba - I don't know why I like this movie because it is so depressing but it is a blubber fest.


This Property is Condemned - The ending is so sad actually the whole movie is.


How Green Was my Valley and A tree Grows in Brooklyn - Box full of kleenex and your set


My all time favorite The Best Years of Our lives - I love this movie from start to finish and blubber a lot throughout but love the ending.

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this has to be the only forum category that i agree with everyone on there chose...BUT....how about ....ET i love that movie [ i remember the first time i went 2 see it i thought it was going to be a horror movie judging from the trailers boy was i wrong]

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Not to long ago as I was watching "Mr. Chips" in one room my wife was, unbeknownst to me, watching it in another room. When it was over she came to find me, her face wet as it could be chewing me out as she said I never told her about the film. Our marriage survived and we cry happily ever after. It has become a recent addition and favorite to our collection.


P.S. Love the name.

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