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Most tearful film endings


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For me, there are two endings I always get a little chocked up about (oh, all right, cry):


Somewhere in Time - The ending really gets to me, but there is an earlier scene, too, where the Christopher Reeve character, Richard Collier, is still in the past and he thinks he has lost the Jane Seymour character, Elise McKenna, forever. He sits on the veranda of the Grand Hotel with his back to the lawn area. We then see Elise walking slowly, dejectedly, thinking she has lost him. Then she sees him and calls out his name and they run to each other. Their is such emotion in the cracking of her voice when she calls "Richard"...well, even thinking about it is getting to me right now.


Field of Dreams - Now I know these two films are as different as night and day, but the scene at the end where Kevin Costner asks his returned dad to a game of catch, I start to tear up big time. For me, it is because my Dad died a long time ago. I don't know a man alive who has loved his father and lost him who wouldn't like to be able to play just one more game of catch with him. When I saw it when it first came out to the theaters, I heard women laughing at this, but I never heard one man laugh.

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Ohhhh, filmlover, just about all of Somewhere in Time makes me cry, seeing Christopher Reeve as he was. I never thought he was particularly handsome, but he was just SO full of life in that picture. Yes, I too cried at the end.


Another fantasy picture that gets to me is Abbott and Costello's Time Of Their Lives, which bless TCM's heart, they have seen fit to play many times now. If you haven't seen it, or think bah A&C, try it, you might like it. Anyway, there are two moments at the end, when the revolutionary woman who was killed with Horatio hears her 'Tom, my Tom' calling her name.......Melody, Melody. Chokes me up. Then Horatio's sweetheart calls his name and........well, no, that would be giving away the ending. Ods Bodkins!

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"Now, Voyager"--I like the film...I love the title.


In my opinion, one of the great movie titles.


Strange. I can't put my finger on why the title "Now, Voyager" strikes me as so, uhm...poetic.


BTW: I agree with the two messages concerning "Somewhere In Time". I am not a romantic guy (ask my wife), but "Somewhere In Time" is my "most romantic movie". Richard Matheson (credited as having written the screenplay) was a versatile story teller.



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-roman holiday...that final scene kills me when he's walking away

-west side story...when they are carrying tony's body away and both the gangs do it

-the ghost and mrs muir

-breakfast at tiffany's...moon river just tears me up

-love story

-doctor zhivago

-the way we were

-till the clouds roll by...sinatra singing ol' man river


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I cry like a baby during...



The "Play La Marseillaise" scene, and the entire airport finale


-It's A Wonderful Life

The "A toast...to my big brother, George. The richest man in town" scene


-Angel's With Dirty Faces

Cagney's crys of "Oh, I don't wanna die! Oh, please. I don't wanna die! Oh, please. Don't let me burn. Oh, please. Let go of me. Please... "



Gibson's heart-wrenching "FREEEEEEDDOOOOOM!"


-Field of Dreams

The "Hey, dad...you wanna have a catch?" scene


-Band of Brothers

when the real Capt. Winters says at the end,

"My grandson asked me if I was a hero during the war..."

(He gets choked up, then continues)

"...and I said, 'no, but I served in the company of heroes.' "

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Holy crap, Titanic? As in Leonardo 'the non-actor' Caprio Titanic?


Now, A Night To Remember I can see. When that old guy is holding the kid and the ship is tilting and finally goes down, well I lost it, I only caught the end on TCM and don't think I can watch it all the way through again.


But TITANIC? As in LeoNARDO Titanic? Well, okay, salsiccia his own.


I forgot about Penny Serenade...........yikes. Sob.

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Yes, Titanic with Leonards DiCaprio. A great movie.


The final scene in the movie was beautifully done and very emotional. A true classic. James Cameron did a superb job and the two, DiCaprio and Winslet were perfect.


I'm a classic movie lover and see very few modern films. My wife and daughters insisted I go see it with them. I went without much enthusiasm, and enjoyed every minute of it. It deserved to be a hit,


I'm not a movie snob, and I give credit where it's due.





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You chocolate ice cream eating, film snob! I suppose that the gut wrenching, heart-rending death of the beloved Marky-Mark in "The Perfect Storm" failed to move you as well?


My vote goes to "Plaza Suite". When that one ended, there were tears big as horse turds rolling down my face. Tears of joy.

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sandykaypax, no I don't think I've seen it all the way through. In the bits and pieces I saw, I focused on Johnny Depp, whom I like. I'll have to give it a go some day.


Unfortunately, the only DiCaprio I've seen is Titanic.


My favorite is coffee, with vanilla ice cream, and not smooshed into liquidity.

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stoney, would that be coffee ice cream and vanilla ice cream or coffee (the beverage) poured over vanilla ice cream? I'm an ice cream FREAK. I love coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce. Hmmm...I think there's some Ben and Jerry's in the freezer calling me...


Back to Leo, maybe if you saw him in something other than TITANIC, you would like him better. There just seems to be an annoyance factor built into TITANIC because of the hype that accompanied that film. DiCaprio really is exceptional in GILBERT GRAPE. Or maybe you wouldn't! Now, Johnny Depp, he's always interesting, no matter what he's in.


Sandy K

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