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Most tearful film endings


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  • 2 months later...

I agree with almost all the choices so far and here is my own list:

Waterloo Bridge

Imitation of Life (Lana)

Madame X (Lana, again)

Out of Africa

Somewhere in Time

Love Story

Doctor Zhivago


Arch of Triumph

The Yearling

Ring of Bright Water

The Red Pony

Penny Serenade

Love Affair and An Affair to Remember

One Way Passage (oh I really go to pieces at this ending)

Now, Voyager

All This and Heaven, Too

The Last Time I Saw Paris

How Green Was My Valley

Young Mr. Lincoln

The Long Grey Line

All Quiet on the Western Front





Destry Rides Again (when the little girl is singing "Little Joe" and Jimmy looks up with that look on his face)


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I remember the first time I saw E.T., I cried so hard. And I still cry whenever I see it. I don't think I've ever gotten as teary-eyed while watching any other movie.


The ending of Gunga Din also made me cry. It was really sad, yet kind of happy at the same time.

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> Penny Serenade makes me cry buckets. It's one of

> those movies that every time I see it I tell myself

> I'm not going to cry, but do. Field of Dreams makes

> me cry because I would love to have 5 minutes with my

> dad again, what a gift to get a do over. Bambi was

> traumatic when I first saw it. I remember everyone

> cried in the theater. I think that was the first time

> I saw my dad cry.

> My husband hasn't seen Old Yeller since he was a kid

> because he just can't stand knowing a dog is going

> to die.

> y youngest son can't make it through The Yearling

> without crying.


Penny Seranade was the first thing that came to my mind too! And I feel the same about the other movies you mention "Old Yeller" and "The Yearling". I don't want to watch those.


Another tear jerking would be "Dark Victory"

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