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Vintage Silent Film Artwork and Illustrations

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Gagman . . .



These Vintage PhotoPlay Magazines are Awesome and 'Out of this World'. The Colors the Artist uses are Rich, Deep and Profound. And Actors facial features are Captured Beautifully with the Right Expressions, too . . . I Love These Vintage Magazine.



Thanks again for Sharing !



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Corinne Griffith seems to be the Big story, but Colleen is the Cover girl. Month and year of this issue is not known. I'll try to find out.














*Colleen Moore- Screenland Cover Mid 1920's*

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Hi Gagman . . .



Great Photo of Corinne Griffith on the Cover of 'Screenland'.

She almost reminds me of Colleen Moore with her short, 'perky' hair style . . .



I just have to say, though . . . 'CLASSIC' Magazines Portray the 'Stars' in a More, INTENSE & 'DEEP' Coloring ! As Does 'PHOTOPLAY' Magazine. Of course, to be 'FAIR' . . . This is just One of the 'Screenland' Magazines I've seen, so far. There may be Others with Such Coloring as I've mentioned.



But, all in all, such LOVELY Portrayal of ALL the STARS !



Oh, Yes . . . Gagman . . . I wanted to make mention of the Portrait of Douglas Fairbanks and Lupe Velez in 'The Gaucho' (1927), posted back on July 19th. . . . That Photo is Just Beautiful. I just Love the Intricate, Lacy, Peach Colored gown that Lupe is wearing. She really does it Justice. Not to Mention Fairbanks in that Deep Velvet Blue Pants & Vest, along with his Golden colored Shirt that really offsets the 'Blue' . . . And Fairbank's Black Boots with spurs truly offsets his Rich Dark Hair & Mustache . . . Such GALLANTRY !



Thanks much, Gagman !



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NO!!!! Pola with Blue Eyes? Very Blue! Can that be correct?

































*Pola Negri- Photoplay- "Those Eyes Are Blue!"=March 1924*


























































































































































*Silvia Breamer Photoplay Cover-April 1924*

























*Ramon Novarro- Photoplay May 1924*









































































































*Leatrice Joy Photoplay Cover-June 1924*










If Negri's eyes were really Blue, how come this Pola Doll has Brown Peepers like my Color transfers do?











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Hi Gagman . . .



WOW ! Another Great 'Shot' of Baby Peggy . . .

on the Front Cover of Picture Play . . .

How Cute is she, with her 'pursed' little Smile ?



And Photoplay Magazines have very 'Deep' Coloring.

I've always thought that Pola Negri's eyes were brown, too.

Who knows ? . . . But she's as Dramatic-looking, as always,

and just as Beautiful.



And the Pola Negri Doll, too, looks Beautiful ....

with Brown or Blue Eyes.



Awesome Magazine Covers, Gagman.

Thanks for Posting.



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Here we go again with more Eye-color discrepancies. I thought we knew beyond doubt that Norma's eyes were Blue? Not in this painting! Doesn't this look much more like Janet Gaynor than it does Norma Shearer? What is up with that?








*Norma Shearer Cover-Photoplay-May 1925 Issue*
































































*Vilma Banky-Photoplay Cover April 1926 Issue*

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*Lilia Lee Photoplay Cover February 1922 Issue*








































































































































































































































*Leatrice Joy Photoplay Cover May 1926 Issue*




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































*Lois Moran-Photoplay Cover June 1926 Issue*


























































































*Olive Borden-Picture-Play Cover February 1928 Issue Painted by Modest Stein*

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Gagman . . .



These Magazine Covers of 'Old' are just AWESOME . . .

Such Life & Color in them . . .



Lila Lee looks so Pixie-Like with her Large, Brown, 'Soulful' Eyes . . .

And the attraction here is that the 'Primary' colors are represented

in this Photo . . . RED, YELLOW & BLUE.



And Leatrice Joy gives another 'striking' pose . . .

her Beautiful Face Framed in a Flower . . . This seemed to be the

popular pose @ that time... to have one's facial pose within a flower.

I'm reminded of a Bar of Baby Soap that had a Picture of a Baby's Face

on the inside of a 'budding' Flower.



And Vilma Banky with 'Orange' hair, is only 'amplified' by those

luscious, rich, oriental colors as a backdrop . . .



All these faces are Just Rich in color with Glowing faces and Rosy cheeks.

Not to mention the rich Highlights in their hair and the Colorful background.



These magazines are just too Beautiful for Words.



Thanks Gagman.









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