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Your Favorite Movie Abodes

Guest cooper, jeane

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Completely agree with you roldfilm, I had thought of that earlier today. The little emerald green cottage White O'Mornin in Innisfree. That just seems like it would be a laid back place to spend a summer, fishing and what not. I also love the actor who palys the little Michaeleen Flynn

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This is a rerun from my late to the table post on the same subject over on the General board. I should have checked here first to see the question had already been asked. In any case, here's my two faves:


I love Barbara Stanwyck's country home in CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT, all wood and warmed over, a perfect winter retreat for someone who loves the seasons and misses them here in weather-less Los Angeles. I would also like to live in George C. Scott's wind swept Bahamian house in ISLANDS IN THE STREAM, with the ocean echoing right outside my door and that wonderful verandah where the songs of sea and sky would lull the everyday. Calgon, take me away!!!

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hey you all, how about "Rebecca's Room" er, excuse me, "Budoir" absoultly too serious. i just like to know is there someone's room made like that in real life. i know i love to decorate but if my bedroom looked like that, i would not come out of it. i mean she had a suite and a half. i wonder who was the set designer for that picture?

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I love Gene Kelly's tiny apartment in "An American in Paris. The street where it was located seemed so charming! There is a house I really love in "The Patriot" (a fairly recent movie starring Mel Gibson). Aunt Charlotte's country house is actually a home built in the 1820s with huge rooms, high ceilings, lots of windows, and nice, big porches. The house is part of a living history museum where my family often volunteers. I would love to live there, but at least I get to pretend that I live there!

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I second the vote for Mr Blandings Dream House. Everytime I watch this movie it gets me and hubby thinking about building our own home one day.


I also enjoyed the log home on the lake in Leave Her To Heaven (Gene Tierney)


The house in The Ghost and Mrs Muir was lovely too :)

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I agree, that old mill Rock Hudson made over in All That Heaven Allows is pretty nice (but it might be drafty with all those windows).


I like the New Mexico house seen in the early scenes of Leave Her to Heaven (Gene Tierney). And speaking of Gene, her apartment in Laura was pretty nice, and so was Clifton Webb's.


The beach house in Mildred Pierce was nice.


So was the house in A Summer Place where the two former adulterers lived after they finally could get married (Frank Lloyd Wright designed it.)


Finally, the houses in Beethoven and Home Alone were fabulous suburban living.



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> I second the vote for Mr Blandings Dream House.

> Everytime I watch this movie it gets me and hubby

> thinking about building our own home one day.


Unfortunately, ClassicFan, you'll probably have to multiply by 10 every price that makes Mr. Blandings' eyes bug out in the movie!

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I brought this thread back up. I had fun re-reading all the old posts about movie houses that folks would like to live in. I thought that moira had started this thread, but it was our old friend, jeanecooper! Where are you, Jeane? Also saw old friends jeryson (patypancake), ken walker, classicsfan1119, stellabluegirl, and current posters bggalaxy, mongo, moira and others.


I wish that when I was at college, I lived in the spacious dorm room that Leslie Caron shared with 2 other girls in DADDY LONG LEGS.


Sandy K


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Thanks for bringing this up. I didn't even know it was here. I've always had a fondness for Hepburn's house in "Holiday." Any house where you have to take an elevator to the playroom must be ok. Also, the layout of the South Dakota home in "North by Northwest" I always thought was quite unusual.

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I'm sure glad someone told me to look back in the threads before posting new items, but someone already beat me to this one:


Urban Splendor: The apartment shared by Lauren, Marilyn, and Betty in 'How to Marry a Millionaire'.


Suburban Dream: Either house inhabited by either Banks family in 'Father of the Bride'.

Country Charm: Light o' Morn


By the Sea: The Captains' house in 'The Ghost and Mrs. Muir'.

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As we discussed- Manderley would be at the top of the list, I think-beautiful old English country manor(in the beautiful wilds of Cornwall,no less),and Rebecca's bedroom/sitting room suite,with those beautiful sheer draperies,and the huge windows with the breath-taking view of the Cornish coast and the lovely breezes she must've gotten-that was a room! Manderley was a house!


Twelve Oaks from GWTW-it looked like the stereotypical ante-bellum Greek Revival Southern home. Tara seemed nice and comfy,but it seemed more an overgrown farm home,it didn't have the planned symmetry and grace of Twelve Oaks.


Some of the Art Deco-styled homes in Joan Crawford's flapper silents were pleasant to look at,but I don't know about living in some of them,they were so huge and sterile. Those staircases,though,like the one in "Our Modern Maidens" when she comes down to dazzle the party in her costume of a few feathers while she does an "Apache" dance. Those were something else!



Gloria Swanson had some rococco bedrooms and bathrooms in her silents,Cecil B deMile did more for bringing bathroom decor out of the dark ages than anyone! Loved her shower in "Male And Female" with the hot and cold running water,and also the ROSEwater rinse,of all things! That was a hoot! And some of those beds-especially the ones shaped like swans or gondolas and things!


The Miniver's home in "Mrs Miniver". I love that home! So cozy and comfortable and essentially English,without being homely.

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