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Your Favorite Movie Abodes

Guest cooper, jeane

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Oh yeah, I'll miss the hurricane evacs ... only if for the chance that my place is wiped out and I can move back to MA with the insurance money.


The only time I can stand it down here is in the winter when it's less oppressive. I miss that smell of wood burning that heralds the fall and winter seasons up in New England. I miss the snow even more. Since I left in 2002, they've had record breaking snow consecutively, every winter since, which rubs it in.


You've reminded me of a tradition my family used to have ... we used to collect driftwood at the beach for our Christmas day fire in the fireplace. The wood is loaded with salt and after being left to dry, when it's burned the salt causes the fire to sparkle in different colors. If it's cold enough for a fire this Christmas, try it.

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My picks for the top twenty fantasy movie abodes we all wish we could live in...or at least visit:




2) The model of Victorian sentiment and sensibilities: the Smith house from MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS


3) The idyllic country retreat - Holiday Inn from HOLIDAY INN


4) Barbara Stanwyck's luscious weekend retreat in CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT


5) Molly Brown's delightfully tacky home from THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN


6) The Emerald City from THE WIZARD OF OZ


7) Twelve Oaks and Tara from GONE WITH THE WIND


8) The Hilton home from SINCE YOU WENT AWAY.


9) The hotel from GRAND HOTEL.


10) the tropical retreat complete with swimming pool from BATHING BEAUTY.


11) The Von Trapp family home from THE SOUND OF MUSIC.


12) Mary Haines country getaway from THE WOMEN.


13) Clark Gable's stylish New York penthouse from WIFE VS. SECRETARY.


14) Tracy Lord's family home in THE PHILADELPHIA STORY.


15) The art deco lamasery from LOST HORIZON (the Frank Capra/Ronald Colman version).


16) The rustic and quaint village appearing from the highland mists in BRIGADOON.


17) Melvyn Douglas' fashionable Paris apartment in NINOTCHKA.


18) The tropical paradise of James Mason in ISLAND IN THE SUN.


19) The stoic, yet homey mason of David Niven and Loretta Young in THE BISHOP'S WIFE.


20) The Park Ave. estate of the Seaton family in HOLIDAY.

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Here's a few abodes I have noticed and liked a lot...mostly because of the eccentric architecture and/or building location.




Lord Henry Wotton's (George Sanders) and Dorian Gray's "hang out" in "The Picture Of Dorian Gray" (1945).


Mrs. Wilberforce's (Katie Johnson) house in "The Ladykiller's" (1955).


The Watussi "compound" (village) in "King Solomon's Mines" (1950). I don't know if the architecture of the village is an art director's idea of a Watussi village, or is the real thing...but the huts, etc. are very cool.


The lakefront property featured in "Carnival Of Souls" (1962).


A recent addition to my list:


Is it a house that wants to be a castle? Is it a modest budget castle? Diane Cilento's (Liane Dane) "old home place" in the movie, "I Thank A Fool" (1962).




The "Xanadu room"...mostly used for walking across and assembling jigsaw puzzles--"Citizen Kane" (1941). The square footage of the fireplace hearth in this room exceeds MY house.


My all time favorite abode:


Not a movie, but a television show...the mini-hut on stilts featured in the intro to the show "Second City Television". That place would be an improvement over my mortgaged abode.



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I just love Katharine Hepburn's Connecticut house in "Bringing Up Baby," and her apartment in "Desk Set." Auntie Mame's ever-changing decor at One Beekman Place is to die for. The apartments in "Bell, Book and Candle" are also very cool.

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Oh, I forgot one of my favorite movie abodes...


Only one hundred square feet, but a fantastic view. Sim?n's (Claudio Brook) place in "Simon Of The Desert".


May not sound like much of an abode, but does attract interesting guest(s).




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> I had just heard that the Bringing Up Baby

> house was used in another movie made in the early

> 1940's. Does anyone know what movie it was?


You know, Marco - I saw something just recently and remarked that it looked like the "Baby" house. Can't think of it now . . . . It's not inconceivable that the set was used more than once. Maybe it will come to me.

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