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Hi, I have been trying to identify a film I watched with my Mom on TV in the 1960's. I was a young girl then. I think it might be the movie "Flight from Ashiya" and was wondering if you might be able to help me. The following is some of my notes about the movie, perhaps you could confirm or rule out anything you might remember:


I had thought the actors were Charleton Heston and Carroll Baker. But am thinking not, now after years of searching their movie lists/plotlines. It could very well have been Richard Widmark and Shirley Knight in the parts I most remember. The movie I am trying to identify took place during WWII in the Philipines. The hero met and fell in love with a blonde during wartime. I'm pretty sure they got married. I think he was in the army, maybe a pilot or a doctor in the military. I seem to recall him going on some kind of flying mission later in the movie. He might be just remembering his relationship with the blonde in flashbacks. They are taken prisoner by the Japanese and she ends up dying in the POW camp. The camp is comprised of bamboo and palm huts and is in the jungle. She is very ill and needs medicine. The hero begs the Japanese commander of the POW camp for the medicine to save her. But he does not give it and she dies. Her name was either Caroline or Carolyn and she was a blonde. I thought he called her Lynn as a nickname. I think they may have met at a bar in Manila. I watched this movie with my mother, but she was never able to remember it as clearly as I did and couldn't offer any help on naming it, and she has since passed away anyway, so I can't quiz her any more. Does any of this sound like it might be this movie "Flight from Ashiya"? Every time I come close to finally identifying it, there is always some proof that whatever movie I think it might be is not the movie I am looking for. By the way, I saw it on TV not at the theater. It was a major movie on tv, like the Monday night movie on one of the major networks, we only had ABC, CBS, and NBC then and it was not on PBS, and not on the late show. I think it may have been in black and white because I can remember asking my Mom what color khaki was. I also may remember it being in color, especially the jungle scenes though, so don't take the b&w thing as verbatim. The main point that I know for sure is that they were prisoners of some asian enemy and she is sick and dies because the asian commander won't give her the medicine. It has to have been 1970 or before because I'm pretty sure I was not yet a teenager, and I was born in 1958.


Any other details you might remember would be very helpful.


Thanks in advance for anything you might be able to offer!

Please email me, although I will try to check back here on TCM from time to time.


Beth M.




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Yes I have seen that movie Flight from Ashiya and it does star Richard Widmark & Shirley Knight. I believe Knight's character goes to help with refugees after the war and that's when she gets sick and dies. I think she's pregnant with his baby too but I don't think they were married. It also has flashback sequences about a failed rescue in the Alps or something like that during the war and juxtaposes it against a rescue effort at sea. There's about 3 or 4 stories going on in the movie. I saw it a few months ago on one of the Encore channels.

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I recently saw short clips of two silents, Midsummer Night's Dream (1909) and Peter Pan (1924) on the Concert Art Showcase satellite network. I don't recall these ever showing up on TCM, but very promising both.


Anyone out there aware of Concert Art' Showcase. It's a 24/7 program that showcases short clips from the arts. Mostly classical music subjects (concerts's, ballet, opera, etc.) but including as well short clips from classic movies. If you have satellite (I don't) you can access it at any time during the day, otherwise, it tends to show up on Government Access channels and PBS, normally as fillers and overnight. They run about eight hours of clips over and over for one week, then the program changes.


Incidentally, this week just ending featured a documentary clip on the Hollywood Bowl where our own Robert Osborne was interviewed on the Bowl's presentation of Reinhardt's 1934 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which, as Mr O so aptly explained, was the impetus for the making of the movie.


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genevieve - delightful British comedy about competitors in

an old car rally


Frenchman's Creek - gorgeous Technicolor film with Joan

Fontaine -- very romantic and lush - Basil Rathbone is in it too doing his villanous best


The Blue Veil -- starring Jane Wyman -- a 4 hankie winner

about a lady who cares for other people's children.


Good Morning, Miss Dove -- about a dedicated school teacher.


The Light that Failed - terrif Ronald Colman movie with Ida Lupino.


A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court -- with Will Rogers. I've seen the color version with Bing C. and Rhonda Fleming (lotsa fun)--but wanted to see how Will R. played the part.



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I would really like to see TCM (or anyone for that matter) show Monte Hellman's early 70's classic Two Lane Blacktop. I don't know whatever became of that film. As good as Warren Oates was in Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, he was even better in this.

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Great Gloria Stuart movie with Freddie Bartholomew. I just saw a murky vhs copy and would be thrilled to see this little jem aired.


FREDDIE FRANCES-British Director/Cinematographer:

DOCTOR TERRORS HOUSE OF HORRORS Amicus/Paramount 1965 Full Widescreen restored print of this fine British anthology of terror. The images and compositions by Frances are wonderful

THE SKULL Amicus/Paramount 1965 Another Widescreen televised broadcast would make this equally stunning to watch. Frances did one scene where the viewer is slooking out through the skull's eye-sockets which captures the images of the players-right and left-totally lost in the non-widescreen vhs. The film is in fact shot for widescreen and scripted very much like a silent film at the climax.

Freddie Frances's other films are usually shown so running these two gems is a must!

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> I would really like to see TCM (or anyone for that

> matter) show Monte Hellman's early 70's classic Two

> Lane Blacktop. I don't know whatever became of that

> film. As good as Warren Oates was in Bring Me the

> Head of Alfredo Garcia, he was even better in this.


The Sundance Channel is showing this film several times this month.

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I agree and actually any film that Peter Cushing was in. Also why not the shows to that wonderful series. 'Night Staker' with Daren McGavin. Now wouldn't that be nice: to see something different then the same old films tcm continually shows? There must certainly be other titles in their vault!

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A Hard Days Night (1964)

I'll admit, this movie is much more well known than most of the movies on this board, but I have never once heard of them playing it on TCM. If they play the Elvis movies all the time they can play a Beatles movie once in a while, can't they?

Well, I know it's not as simple as that, but . . .

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Three Hayley Mills classics: "Tiger Bay", "Whistle Down the Wind", and

"The Chalk Garden".

A terrific comedy "Miss Tatlock's Millions". (1948). If you're wondering why,

just look it up at www. IMDB.com. One of the funniest romantic comedies ever!

Barbara Stanwyck's rarely seen "Always Goodbye", "You Belong to Me" (co-

starred with Henry Fonda), "The Bride Wore Boots".

Roz Russell's hilarious "My Sister Eileen" (1942) for which she received her first Oscar


Two Lucille Ball gems from 1949: "Miss Grant Takes Richmond" (with William Holden), and "The Fuller Brush Girl" (with Eddie Albert).

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Wow! Before its resurrection today, the last post to this thread was the day I registered here 12-21-05!


My one and only answer: Big City (1948), MGM. Surprise! :-)


Good idea, otterhere. I've noticed your requests on Suggest A Movie on occasion.

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> The Subterraneans with Leslie Caron from '59. An

> MGM film from '59.


They should also air Gaby, also with Leslie Caron, a bit more often. As some of you already know, it's a remake of Waterloo Bridge but with a French protagonist (Caron). It's from MGM, 1956.

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Funny you should say that Angels With Dirty Faces is scheduled for April 25th I think. That is the only Ann Sheridan movie scheduled for now. They have not played any of her films since January. They should be playing Nora Prentiss and TheUnfaithful being both films celebrate their 60th anniversary. They should actually be released on dvd in a box segt of her.

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