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frances ethel


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Hey guys, have had a wonderful time talkinkg about movies with you all. Hello, I must be going.....but before I do (who knows when or if I'll be able to return, I want to close with a paen (rt. word?) to my favorite: the glorious, wonderful, most talented of them all, JUDY GARLAND. Love the lady. Lana was pretty, Ava was a doll, Hedy was exotic, but none of the MGM gals had any of the talent that La Judy did. As Frank Sinatra said: "She will be the only one remembered." Amen, Frank, Frank

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You know, danjw, although I knew Judy Garland's original name was Frances Gumm, I did not know her middle name was "Ethel." So when I saw your thread title, I had no idea who "Frances Ethel"was. Duh !


Poor Judy, another huge talent ultimately destroyed by lack of confidance which led to addictions which led to her decline and finally her death.


But let's not end this post on a sad note- Come on, everyone, get happy !

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