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Great Britain gave us two great film companies: HAMMER FILMS and AMICUS FILMS. Both used talents such as PETER CUSHING and CHRISTOPHER LEE as well as Donald Sutherland

(DR. TERRORS HOUSE OF HORRORS), Burgess Meredith and Jack Palance (TORTURE GARDEN), Patrick Wymark, Hazel Court, Anton Diffring and Forrest Tucker.

Trivia note: Cary Grant wanted to do HAMMER's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA that ended up starring Herbert Lom.

It would be great if TCM can do a focus on these two great companies.

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Hi ganavon. Welcome to the boards. Some of my favorite classic horror comes from Hammer Films. They're always fun to watch. My favorites are (not in order):

Dracula,Prince of Darkness

Dr. Terrors House of Horrors

The Brides of Dracula

TheCurse of Frankenstein

The Horror of Dracula

I think Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing contributed such great performances as vampire and hunter that it made the films better than the "B Movie" group they are put in.

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aka City of the Dead, is a fabulous film.


An exercise in restraint and understatement, and it just packs a wallop, and a lot of it is done by the lighting, mists and camerawork alone.


The woman playing the inn owner/burnt at the stake witch...oh, shoot I can't remember her name, is so wonderfully frightening. The girl is played by Venetia Stevenson, daughter of the director and actress, Anna Lee and former significant other of Russ Tamblyn and then singer Don Everly, with whom she had a daughter who made her Axl Rose's mother-in-law for a short time.


Now that's really scary!


Again...any horror buff of the Universals, should enjoy the great Christopher Lee in "City of the Dead" as it is incredibly atmospheric.

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Much of the Hammer and Amicus material is far better than anything else out at the time or the repeated schlock that comes out now....I would certainly like to see "Torture Garden", "Asylum","Never Take Sweets From A Stranger" or "The Reptile" on TCM

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Hammer films have produced the most effective atmospheric horror films during the late 50's and early 60's. Notably the teaming of Peter Cushing and Christopher lee in the 1958 film "The Horror of Dracula" which is my favorite.

I would love to see it on TCM because there is no commercial interruption, which is another reason why I watch TCM all the time.


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Actually, TCM ran a good program of Hammers a couple of years ago as a Halloween month special. The usual suspects, including about 3 each of Drac and Frank (including the first in each series), plus The Mummy, The Reptile, and others. There were about 12 or 14 films in all; I probably still have them all on VHS dubs. None, though, of the B/W Hammer non-supernatural thrillers from the 60s, such as Scream of Fear.

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There's a WONDERFUL failry new box set priced at ~$25.99 featuring 8 outstanding Hammer Horror features.http://www.dvddrive-in.com/reviews/e-h/hammerhorrorseries6064.htm


Here's what the set includes:











The transer is beautifully done on this set! Well worth the $25.99!

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'Horror Hotel' certainly is one of the best for atmosphere and the two young girls in the movie were real cherubs, the movie seems to have every classic horror cliche, including christopher lee deliberating ham-ing up his facial expressions, plus of course the token cynic who doesnt believe in witches.

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My favourite hammer movie, mainly because it is fast-paced, is full of surprises, and has a great climax, with a twist right at the end, I thought some of the satanic characters were really well cast, especially that cross-eyed old woman, she just looks so evil, the movie does look a bit dated now in certain scenes, but that will probably give it something extra as the years go by. The question I'm always left pondering after watching the movie is why would lucifer be afraid of automobile headlights?, best scenes for me are 'All gathered in a circle' and simons self-strangulation scene, excellent stuff.

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One of the Hammer films that is badly in need of a DVD treatment is THE GORGON. It offers a great Cushing/Lee pairing with perhaps the only time that Cushing played a 'heavy', as it were, and Lee the good guy. Having Barbara Shelley on hand doesn't hurt, either!

All fans of the Hammer Horrors should see the superb documentary, FLESH AND BLOOD. It's out on DVD now. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee narrate. It contains Peter Cushing's last work before he died.

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Then people...have I got news for you. At the most recent Fangoria Forum held in Chicago, it had a major breaking announcement.


Seems that Anchor Bay has re-secured the rights to ALL the Hammer Horror Studios movies and is in the process of getting them for the Amicus Films as well. The Hammer films are to be re-released starting in january of 2007, with the Amicus films to be released as soon as Anchor Bay can get the rights to do so.


All the films mentioned in this forum (cept for the Amicus ones) are IN the list to be cleaned and re-released so the colors are more vibrant and the picture is sharper and clearer.


If you do not wish to wait till next year for these classics, then netflix.com has a massive collection of these films already ON dvd for rent.


enjoy my fiends....the red will run thick tonight >:-)

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It's wonderful to see some fellow Hammer and Amicus fans, here. I grew up seeing many of these films on late-night Friday or Saturday afternoons and I've never stopped enjoying these films. I'd dearly love to see, Tales From the Crypt receive an official DVD as well as; The Deadly Bees and The Gorgon, just to name a few.

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