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Three Stooges commercial free on ANTENNA TV channel


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Antenna is great. They show The Jack Benny Program late at night with some really good guest stars, as well as Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


They also show some classic movies. Anyone know if the classic movies they show are commercial-free?



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The movies are like the rest of their schedule, loaded with commercials and a guarantee that you'll see the "Cash4Gold" ad twice every half-hour.


Most of their ads are for products and services that result in complaints to the Better Business Bureau. This goes for Cash4Gold, GreatFun and FreeScore.

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Since you’re on the subject of this classic comedy team, I’m now of great concern in lieu of a new feature film about to be released, with a whole new trio of performers interpreting the legendary comics. This leaves room for speculation by classic movie fans, if there is going to be a new sort of trend where classic comedy teams as well as stars will have new representation for a whole new generation of fans? This situation could get weird in many aspects! Who then can we expect to be next? Will we see a return of a new group as The Marx’s Brothers, Abbott and Costello, The Ritz Brothers, Brown and Carney, besides a possible new team as Martin and Lewis? Well, there have been numerous comments mentioned by a few critics about the once ill-fated attempt to bring back a whole new perspective on the beloved “Our Gang” series of film shorts, with a new cast of kids that failed miserably several years back. Technically, all of this seems to be coming from the recent major film interpretations of classic television sitcoms and its various popular stars.


From what I’ve seen of the trailers for the new 3 Stooges film, it looks as if they are attempting to cram in as much as the old routines and gags as possible into one big movie. Coming out of that wonderful past of Hollywood’s golden age, it’s rather difficult for me to accept this sort of revamping of a classic comedy team and all the imagined buffoonery that goes along with it. How can we honestly accept this idea, brought on by a new generation of filmmakers, said to be devoted fans of a classic comedy team? Does it really make any sense to reevaluate and then recreate new imagery of a performer or group that already has a solid identity? The beloved 3 Stooges have enough material available for future fans to admire, without the need of what I would consider a form of pilfering what already has been done and skillfully, without the need of some sort of lampooning.


Some fans of this type of entertainment will naturally say this is simply a nice way of expanding upon and making aware of the real comedy team. This all might be sincere and pensive sentiment on the part of this new production team, but for me it just doesn’t have any real, long term value to what the actual comedy team has come to represent. Bare in mind, this isn’t any sort of a biography film. This is nothing more than a typical “cashing-in” on what will be mostly a matter of simple curiosity and not anything of traditional comic substance.



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One would almost think that Sony has a stake in Antenna TV from the schedule. So many of the movies and series are from the old Columbia or Screen Gems catalogs. I've even seen some Boston **** movies within a week of seeing the same titles on TCM.


They appear to be using time compression on the Hitchcock shows and while most of the time it's not distracting, once in a while you'll get an episode where it's almost impossible to decipher what is being said.

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Forget BROWN and CARNEY, they'll never make a remake of that team. The originals were already a low budget remake of ABBOTT and COSTELLO and a poor one at that.


Since we're talking Stooges this might be agood time to mention:


h1. The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection

This is a box set, that is set to be released on June 5th. It contains all eight previously released volumes as well as a new volume 9 that contains the following:


14 SHEMP solo shorts

10 JOE BESSER solo shorts

4 JOE DeRITA solo shorts

3 Columbia Cartoons featuring the stooges




It is my understanding that volume 9 will be available as a stand alone set if you don't want to rebuy the first 8 volumes.

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