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Stunt Rock


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I taped the 2AM airing of Stunt Rock, Friday night's cult movie. The cable guide has a description of it that makes it sound like a good bad 70's / 80's movie:


Grant Page, Monique Van De Ven, (1980), plot involving a stuntman and a rock Group (Sorcery). (Musical, 90 Minutes.)


Sorcery has the name of a crappy 70's band that never made it. I'll post later to tell you if I liked it.




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I just watched Stunt Rock. I don't know where the hell to start.


It turns out Sorcery is more well known than I thought. According to IMDB they released an album on Polydor. They also have a cheesy stage show that seems to have cost a lot of money. If your a fan of this band I apologize for my previous statement about their lack of sucess, (though to me they sound like a rancid combation of Uriah Heep and Kaptian Kool The Kongs.) I've seen Blue Oyster Cult, I occasionally watch That Metal Show, I thought I knew a lot about hard rock. This band went under my radar.


The other part of this film concerns the exploits of stuntman Grant Page and other in his profession. After all this there is very litlle room for a plot. Which is good because this movie doesn't really have one.

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The title does lead one to think it's about a particular music genre. Or at least about a bunch of stunt men who started a rock band.



But doesn't it seem that "Independent Film", to some makers, means independent of major studio control, while for others it means independent of substance?






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