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Arabian Adventures


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This is a thread for any Arabian Nights-ish movies, from the non-fantastical non-musical Kismet to the fantastical Golden Voyage of Sinbad.


I am also interested in any information on Universal's "sand and cleavage" 'Easaterners' .

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Princess of the Nile is in line for release on DVD. It is just so hokey. It features a constantly wet Debra Paget, Although in the scene with her fencing with a simatar, while clad in a scant chain mail slave girl costume, she is dry.

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Since "Princess of The Nile" got a nod, I don't feel so bad about mentioning "The Golden Horde" (Universal, 1951). Ann Blyth plays the Princess Shalimar, who has to protect a city which stands in the way of Genghis Khan. Once you see the prefab city walls, you wonder who's kidding who, but the whole back lot vibe is what makes it so fun. One thing which stands out is the costuming, which took cheesy "Arabian" motifs to new heights. And, of course, there are the usual royal chambers with lots of colored draperies and curlicue doorways, staffed by the usual starlets in lame and veils. There was probably a whole veil department, because Universal seems to have recycled its costumes endlessly for these things..

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