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corpses in a wall; a chase in the woods - can you name the movie/tv show?


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I saw this when I was a little boy... my parents were away and the babysitter was busy with my little brother... it was around 1976-1978 IIRC. I saw it on a b&w tv, so I don't know it originally it was in color or not. I don't even know if it was a movie or a tv show...


I vividly remember two scenes: people finding corpses in a wall and a chase in the wood: the bad guy is chasing someone (I think he was holding an axe but i'm not sure).


These two scenes haunted me for years in many nightmares...


Does any of this rings a bell?


It will be great to finally know the name of this movie/tv show, after all these years..



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{font:Times New Roman}Unfortunately most horror films have Woods, Corpses & Ax Murders, I would first try the films of Dario Argento..or {font}{font:Times New Roman}Mario Bava... On IMDb.com{font}




{font:Times New Roman}They reined the 60’s & 70’s with horror films…{font}

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Didn't someone ask this same question several weeks ago, and didn't someone else post some links to a teenage movie of the 1960s? Something about a rock group or a motorcycle group or some group of young people in an old house?

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