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Your Favorite Movie Lines

Guest mongo

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Scarlett, I used to have that line on my old answering machine years ago ... "What we have here is failure to communicate ... some men, just can't be reached ... beeeeeeep, please leave a message."


In your honor, I shall add the song that Luke sings after he learns that his mother has died ... "Plastic Jesus."


"I don't care if it rains or freezes

long as I got my plastic Jesus

sittin' on the dashboard of my car,

comes in colors pink and pleasant,

glows in the dark 'cause it's iridescent

take it with you when you travel far.


Get yourself a sweet Madonna

dressed in rhinestone, sittin' on a

pedestal of Abalone shell,

going 90 I ain't scary

'cause I got the Virgin Mary

assurin' me that I won't go to Hell."


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From Becket:


Richard Burton: Tonight you can do me the honor of christening my forks.

Peter O'Toole: Forks?

RB: Yes, from Florence. New little invention. It's for pronging meat and carrying it to the mouth. It saves you dirtying your fingers.

PO: But then you dirty the fork.

RB: Yes, but it's washable.

PO: So are your fingers. I don't see the point.

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Matt, that is cool! What a great line for an answering machine! ^^ Loved reading Plastic Jesus, as well. It's just been way too long since I've seen Cool Hand Luke, wish TCM, or any other non-commercial channel I get, would play it. Would you believe I had little or no use for Paul Newman until CHL? Since then, I've discovered many more great movies he's been in, and my opinion has changed dramaticaly.



GREAT line from Beckett, Matt. My son and I really laughed over that one. I don't remember if I ever saw Beckett or not - but since I really like O'Toole and adore Burton, it's now a must on my list!




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An ideal companion to "Becket" is the Second City Parody of the genre--"The Man Who Would Be King of the Popes".


SCTV Guide quote:

"The gripping epic of the king who wanted to be pope, the pope who wanted to be king, and the man who would betray them both.


Peter O'Toole (O'Tule) as the King - Flaherty; Katharine Hepburn (Cathryn Hepbern) - O'Hara; Richard Burton (Berton) as the Pope - Candy; Richard Harris (Hariss) as King of the Popes - Thomas; Victor Spinetti (Spynneti) as the Tailor - Levy; Announcer - Candy"


Starring SCTV's original cast (Canadian television, first season). The parody also goes well with "The Lion In Winter" and any other Burton/ O'Toole/Harris costume over-the-toppers.



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Becket's one of those movies that needs to be on DVD. I'm surprised it isn't. The rest of the dialogue is great too.


O'Toole (Henry II): There. That's the Great Seal of England. Don't lose it; without the seal, there's no more England, and we'll all have to pack up and go back to Normandy

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That reminds me, the best SCTV parody was Battle of the PBS Stars ... Martin Short played Mr. Rogers and John Candy was Julia Child. They were in a boxing match and Mr. Rogers was getting pummeled by Julia, until he grabs the King Friday puppet, who was in his corner, and starts beating Julia with it.

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I was looking at sctvguide.ca rundown of the first SCTV season. The 'skit list' brought back fond memories.


Have you seen SCTV's parody of "Ben Hur"?


Ben is at the end of his tether and prostate......a mysterious stranger steps into view...a cocktail shaker and glass materialize...a martini is poured...Ben greedily accepts the miraculous gin... .



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No, I wish I saw that one. I only remember bits and pieces of SCTV. TVLand (I think) was showing some late at night a few months ago, don't know if they are now. What was that albino Short character ... Jackie Rogers Jr.? I remember a skit where he revealed an invention of his called, "E-lec-tronics."

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I remember Jackie Rogers Jr. very well...probably Martin Short's strangest character.


BTW: My last message? It's prostrate...not prostate.


I hope I am not at the age where it becomes some sort of mantra, "...prostate this and prostate that...".




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"The Naked Gun 2?: The Smell of Fear (1991)":


(Frank meets Jane after a long time)

Lt. Frank Drebin: How are the children?

Jane Spencer: We didn't have any children.

Lt. Frank Drebin: Yes, of course.

Jane Spencer: How was your prostate operation?

Lt. Frank Drebin: Oh, good. Fine. Never been better.


Oh S***, I did it again.



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(Union officer, Lt. Thomas Chamberlain to captured Confederate soldier)


C.Thomas Howel (Chamberlain): Tell me, why are you fighting this war, soldier?

Soldier: Fer my rats (rights).

CTH: For your what?

Soldier: My rats.

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