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Ben M. has a pet!


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While watching Ben talk about how much Paul Newman hated his performance in The Sliver Chalice Easter afternoon I noticed in the background on the floor of his new set was a dog bed with a food and water bowl in front of if. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with classic film but I had to comment on how cute I thought it was.



Ben, you're okay. :D



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A miniature schnauzer - it's gotta have facial hair, as he used to. :)


Small enough dog to be manly, but not too foo foo, like a shih tzu. And, without the shedding that a golden or a labrador (and no, Ben would *never* have the pathetic yuppie aberration, a labradoodle) are prone to - I can't see him putting up with hair on his clothing.

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HEY! I HAVE a Shi-Tzu! Wonderful dog. Of course, I keep her clipped down because I'm not about to spend eight hours a day combing her out like those ones seen in dog shows. Doesn't take up much room, eats very little. She has her odd quirks and peculiarities, but then so do I! Maybe Ben doesn't have a dog at all. It could just be a prop to "human up" the set, like having someone sit in a wing-back chair in front of a bookcase full of books that the person never read.






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h3. **** !


The skirt's a nice touch.


I was just writing a little thing about the old board game, Mystery Date, then I see this ! I am glad ponies don't come with long ears to go with those long faces.. He looks downright depressed.


h4. Disaster looms

I do not know the size of the doggy bed or doggy dishes, but Ben's at the Film Festival today and so I am sure the little buddy needs his walkies very soon!


Edited by: casablancalover on Apr 14, 2012 2:30 PM

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