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HELP with movie title


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Im searching for the title of a film wich was shot in black and white and during the cold war I think, the plot was about the americans had by misstake pushed a button wich automaticly made an airplane with a nuclear bomb go to moscow and drop the bomb.


You followed both the command central and inside the airplane.


Im very gratefull for help! =)

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True, and you are more likely correct as to what film is in question. But, the communication with Dimitri, in Moscow, might make it the target in one's memory.


Actually, perhaps my memory is failing me. I haven't seen either film in quite a while, but I can't find Dimitri, or a Russian Premier, on the cast list of either film. I certainly remember the US Prez talking to him on the phone. But, we never see him. Perhaps that accounts for no listing in the cast.


Edited by: ValentineXavier on Apr 10, 2012 2:18 AM

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