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Today is groovalicious!!!!


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Checking out LITTLE BIG SHOT now...if you haven't seen this one before, check it out, definitely!!! Such a great cast and a great story!


Then it's Robert Taylor in a murder mystery, love those from the 30s!! MURDER IN THE FLEET (1935)! Then Ken Maynard oater double feature, then two flix that I totally can't wait to see!!


THE MAN WHO LIVED TWICE (1936), a very, very rare flick I'm thinking has never been on TCM before, starring Ralph Bellamy and Marian Marsh! Then a flick I've only seen a long time ago on TCM, with Preston Foster, MUSS 'EM UP (1936), a tough detective mystery flick!


TCM rocks the house!

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Fred, I totally agree!


When I wrote up my weekly grooves, I didn't notice that today's day time lineup was a tribute to Ward Bond, but sure enough it is! Some of these flix, he's like 15th billed, like MUSS 'EM UP for example. I really loved that flick by the way! "This is Senator Wifflepoop"! LOL!!! Preston Foster is great in this, and I always dig an old school mystery like this one!


As for Ward, I thought was fantastic in THE MAN WHO LIVED TWICE! He was given an opportunity to play some and boy, he sure did! I recognized the plot of that film, as it was used again, with slight variation in the first CRIME DOCTOR film in Columbia's 1940s series! Very well done here though and Marian Marsh is always easy on the eyes!



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FredCDobbs wrote:And the classics continue! I loved Charlie's Aunt, and now Son of Frankenstein!


You *loved* Charlie's Aunt?


Were your eyes tightly closed while you were doing all of that loving?




(sometimes I wonder......)

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Loved The Man Who Lived Twice. Wasn't Isabell Jewell just evil? :)


Ralph Bellamy - a total dreamboat, pretty Marian Marsh, and Ward Bond - so fantastic!


The other two character actors I've seen before but don't know their names. The ones that played the surgeon and the judge.


A real fun movie!

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I liked the part where Thurston Hall, noted neurosurgeon, is describing to his wife as the cause of Bellamy's memory loss: guess I slipped during surgery, it happens.


No wonder he was demoted to being Cosmo Topper's boss!


I liked the part in Muss Em Up where Preston Foster is so buy kissing and re-kissing his leading lady that he (and the police chief who no doubt will next be working at McDonald's) let Alan Mowbray waltz away.


Ouch, Ward, all chauffers look alike?

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In The Man Who Lived Twice:


Ah, Thurston Hall, the neurosurgeon. Have seen him so many times but never knew his name. I have read Thurston Hall in the credits so many times.


And the judge was played by Henry Kolker. Seen him many times too.

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