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Frank Bigelow(Edmond OBrien)has a small buisness as an accountant.Hes planning to go to San Francisco on vacation.His secratary,Paula Gibson(Pamela Gibson)and true love wants to go to,but Frank refuses feeling he wants to make sure Paula is who he wants to settle down with,



In San Francisco Paula calls and tells him a strange MR Phillips wants to get in touch with him,but Frank tells her Phillips has to wait until he returns.Going out on the town,Frank is slipped a drink in a bar by a mysterious man who quickly vanishes.



The next day Frank is not feeling good and goes to a doctor for an examination.The doctor to Franks shock tells him hes been poisned with Luminious Toxin and has days to live.



Paula gets in touch with Frank and tells him Phillips too is murdered.Frank finds Phillips is from LA and flies out there.He meets an odd cast of characters,Miss Phillips(Lynn Baggett)the dead mand widow,Miss Foster(Bevery Garland)Phillips secratary,Halliday(William Ching)the dead mans partner,,Stanley(Henry Hurt)the dead mans brother,a gangster,Majak(Luther Adler) his insane son,Chester(Neville Brand)and a trashy model,Maria(Laurette Lurz)who was using Phillips.



Franks time is running out and he must find his killer.



Film Noir Classic.DONT MISS.



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Edmond O'Brien was a very good actor and he really shines here (around the same time he was also in *White Heat* with Cagney ). Really neat story line (doomed man gets to solve his own murder) and the on location street scenes are excellent. Neville Brand plays a really scary thug in this one. A "must see" noir classic.

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