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Walter Williams(Brian Donlevy)is the worlds luckiest guy.A rich buisnessman married to beautiful Irene(Helen Walker)Walter doesnt know Irene secretly despises him and is in love with small time hoodlum,Jim Torrence(Tony Barrett)



Walter must go away on a buisness trip and Irene asks him to take Jim along who Walter never met and believes Irene when she tells him Jims her cousin.The evil Jim plans to kill Walter by hitting him with a wrench while they are fixing a flat tire.Jim hits Walter while gleefully saying,This is from Irene and me,sucker.In the getaway Jim runs into a gas truck.



Walter comes around and wanders into a small town badly injured.After getting medical help he angrily thinks back of Jim and Irene.Not knowing what to do Walter remains in the town where he meets gas station owner and WW2 widow,Marsha Peters(Ella Raines)and they both fall in love.After reading the papers the police believe Walter was the one killed in the car and Irene is put on trial for murder.Its up to Walter to save her.



Great Film.DONT MISS.



Also in cast,Anna May Wong as Walters loyal maid and Charles Coburn as ace police detective.



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This is a really good film, much under appreciated, or at least unknown. I have a dvd (very decent print too). Brian Donlevy is an actor I really like and this is one of his rather rare starring roles. Charles Coburn seems an odd choice for the "cop" , but he does a good job. And the gal is very good as the "femme fatale". The "crash" scene is obviously done using models, but it looks very "real", someone put some effort into that one.

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